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    Freshwater Angler Articles

      Post Black Bass - Exciting Game Fishing!

    Black Bass - Exciting Game Fishing!
    by Bobby Ivie

    The black bass, or largemouth bass, is one of the best known and most popular freshwater game fishes.

    Found nationwide, largemouth bass have excellent growth rates, particularly in the productive waters of central Florida, Texas, California, Arkansas, California and others.

    Spring is the best time of year to catch black bass. That's when fish move into shallow water to spawn. Spawning may occur as early as January and as lat
    ... [Read More]
    Author:: Bobby Ivie
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    Fly-Fishing Angler Articles

      Post Fly Fishing Flies - The Difference Between Different Types of Flies

    If you go into any fishing tackle shop, you will find a plethora of fly fishing flies. In fact, you might find that the shop has an overwhelming amount of fly fishing flies. It can be hard to know where to even start looking, let alone how to know which flies to buy.

    To help you out, here are some basic descriptions of some of the major types of fly fishing flies:

    Wet Fly Fishing flies

    The flies are supposed to resemble certain insects as they would look beneath the surface of the... [Read More]
    Author:: Anne Clarke
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    Back to School

      My Observations on Snakes

    Submitted by member animaljosh

    I have had loads of free time as of late and have been checking out past threads here in the hope of making the days pass faster. I’ve had lots of giggles and gained a lot of insight. There is one subject here that I feel needs some clarification. That subject is reptiles…..specifically snakes (alligators are a close second…) I am going to take this opportunity to try and shed some light on an obviously misunderstood subject. I know it’s hard to “teach old... [Read More]
    Author:: NCangler member animaljosh

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