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04-09-2009, 01:19 PM
http://www.ncangler.com/photopost/data/500/medium/yakathon0603.jpg It`s time for the annual kayakathon on MT. Island Lake to raise money for the North Carolina Wildlife Federation. The Mt. Island Wildlife Stewards is the local chapter involved.
It is just like a walkathon, which most everybody has heard of, except it`s alot mo' better because it`s paddling! You get people to pledge money for you to donate to the federation. Tax deductible too. $50 entry fee donation is all that is required. BUT, for every $100 donated you will get your name in the drawings for prizes that are donated by various companies/people. Giving away a canoe!, nascar tickets, whitewater certificates, etc. Early bird drawing if you get in before noon on May 8th. Mecklenburg Natural Resources Division has a limited number of canoes and kayaks for people who need one.
I know times are tough but if you can just get 10 people to sponsor you $10 a piece it will be spent wisely to protect wildlife from the coast to the mountains.
Once, and only once a year Duke Energy allows the federation to launch from inside the Riverbend Steam Station and paddle downstream around the bend to lunch at Latta Plantation park and then continue to the take out at the Riverbend landing. You leave your car at the takeout and will be shuttled to the launch site. Everyone gets a T-shirt and snacks are provided. This is a 7 mile easy to moderate paddle and a good time of year to see a beautiful stretch of water while helping a great organization and meeting other paddlers. It`s really cool to see that many kayaks (and canoes) cruising down the river. It`s always covered by charlotte media so you might even get your mug on TV or in the paper. Safety boats will be on hand in the event of any problems.
Just this year the MIL chapter has placed Osprey nesting platforms, organized clean-ups, placed 100 fish attractors, organized an Adopt an Island program, and many other projects. Local chapters are all over so you may be able to help out in your backyard. It`s not just about waters and fishing. The federation has too many programs to begin to list whether it be land conservancy, water quality, habitat enhancements, you name it. Any outdoorsman or nature advocate that can, should support this organization. Check out their site PLEASE. www.ncwf.org (http://www.ncwf.org) Join up if you can.
I have been honored to accept a spot on the board of directors for the local chapter and I need everyones support here at NCangler to help make this year the biggest and best kayakathon yet. I`ll be bumpng this up and adding to it as the time draws closer with updates, info and maps.
I`d be happy to accept any pledges thru here (made out to the N.C.W.F. of course) or anyone who thinks they may be able to get some items for the drawings please let me know. I expect to have the whole Hardcore crew in on this.
All you newbies need to come out and "earn your stripes".
Sorry, that`s as short as I could make this post. Please add on any questions here, call NCWF (704)-332-5696, or email them to greta@ncwf.org.

THANKS EVERYBODY !----------------------- stu

Registration link (http://www.ncwf.org/chapters/Paddler%20registration%2009.doc)

Paddler sponsor form link (http://www.ncwf.org/chapters/Sponsor%20form%2009.doc)

05-20-2009, 12:06 PM
Time for a little bump.
All paddlers please consider this one. It`s a great cause and they really do alot for wildlife. The NCWF is where the $4000 worth of attractors in Mt. Island came from. They do alot of conservation work as well as keeping an eye on developers, Duke Power, lawmakers, and the like. These people are on the frontline for all sportmen.
I have secured our own safety boat this year for Team Hardcore.

05-20-2009, 02:07 PM
I have been honored to accept a spot on the board of directors for the local chapter and I need everyones support here at NCangler to help make this year the biggest and best kayakathon yet.

Congratulations on the board membership! I pledge $20!

05-20-2009, 02:47 PM
WOW, Scott that is awesome ! They`ll be happy to take any amount they can get. We all know the economy isn`t too good now so non-profits always take a hit on donations and on any grant money they mave have been promised. It will be put to good use I assure you.
Now if you want to donate just send it to them. In that case I`d say throw in another $5 and join for a year so you can get the magazine.
If you join and put Mt.Island Wildlife Stewards in the memo of the check half will go to the state level and half to the local chapter.

If you are talking about $20 pledge for me to be in the yakathon just mail it to me.
116 johnson st mt. holly n.c. 28120
Make it to N.C. Wildlife Federation.

Thanks either way !

05-22-2009, 07:30 AM
Not sure how I missed this before but glad you bumped it. Don't think I can be present due to other obligations.

But I will match Scott and donate $20 for the Team Hardcore efforts also. I will send you a check next week.

05-22-2009, 09:03 AM
AWESOME ! I appreciate it very much.
I took my 12 ft perception for a fish last night to check out my latest repair. (on the keel, I bought it off someone that way) No leaks. Hope it stays that way. It`ll probably be the one I paddle, or maybe my Necky double.
7 miles is nothing to sneeze at but I`ve seen people do it in all kinds of paddle craft. Including "shorties". They takes breaks every now and then. I`ve seen people launch and look at then and swear they wouldn`t make but did. Those same people looked like pretty darn good paddlers when they hit the take-out.
Thanks Erick !

05-27-2009, 01:43 PM
Getting close people ! I finally printed my form today.
This saturday I`ll be building Turtle basking platforms in a joint project between the Lake Norman chapter and the Mt. Island Wildlife Stewards. I`m not totally sure they need platforms but it`s a project and we`re gonna help.