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11-06-2006, 06:52 AM
Hit Upper Barton around 0900 yesterday (waited for the air temps to get above freezing). Ran on out to the dam area and started some drifts along the western shore across from the dam. Made a few drifts with minnows and crawlers and finally picked up a nice white perch/white bass (probably bass, since it was gold/green instead of white/silver). Picked up a keeper crappie shortly afterwards.

The fishing stayed slow/dead for a couple hours, then about 13:00 I started to mark more fish in the 12' - 21' depths. There was one little area just above a submerged point that crappie seemed to have stacked up on, and I managed to pull a real nice one and several more keepers out of there before they left and I could not find them again.

About 2:00 a wake boarder showed up and started running through the area, plus the action had died, so I packed it in and headed for home. Total fish, five crappie and one white bass/perch. Maybe the cold weather is finally turning the fish on.

Strangely enough, all but one of the crappie was caught on night crawlers on a bottom rig. The big crappie and the perch took large minnows.

Lots of small bait in the water, mainly running less than 8' deep, but very few decent sized fish marks anywhere along the mid lake from Upper Bartons to the dam. Almost no bird activity. Hopefully I can get my act together and get up to Kerr again soon, but after the late start I decided that an hour each way on a cold day just wasn't worth it yet.

11-06-2006, 01:11 PM
Sounds like an educational trip. Falls is a tricky lake to fish. I always found my best fishing around Beaver Dam area but it is gasoline power prohibited. I used to putter around in a 12' johnboat with 3 deep cycles and a 36lb thrust troller so I could travel alot. I always heard the "High Rock" area around Durham was good but never ventured up there. I moved here 2 yrs ago and haven't fished Falls since.

11-06-2006, 07:59 PM
Falls is kind of my fall back lake if I am short on time or the weather is bad but I still want to take a boat out. I much prefer Kerr. For shore fishing I have been trying Wake Reservoir, but it is very spotty from shore.

I think Falls gets an awful lot of pressure, plus lots of power sports boats, so it is just tough and I really don't think it has the fish density that Kerr or (from what I read) Jordan does. Have yet to find any place to compare to the tidal Potomac for size, variety, and quantity of fish, but maybe that is just my limited experience down here.

Oh well, any day on the water beats moping around the house or doing yardwork.

I just noticed your address, the guy that bought my Triumph lives in little Washington, said he was a teacher and coach out there. Small world.

11-06-2006, 09:06 PM
ironicly, I just moved here from Franklinton last year when I remarried. My wife is a teacher here but doesnt know of a coach at her school who just bought a Triumph.

Next time you're in Falls come over to the New Light road bridge and fish those areas. Good combo of structure, deep and shallow as well as the rockpiles along the bride. Best and biggest, Bass, Cat and crappie I caught in Falls came from there.

I grew up fishing the Santee/Cooper and nothing here compares so I know your pain. Gaston is a great place to fish as well but you have to shadow the locals to learn where to go...