View Full Version : Anything good happening at High Rock

05-26-2007, 01:33 AM
I am thinking of takin my nephew this weekend. I would like to know if there are anygood spots, I am a poor boy fisher (no boat) so if anyone knows of some hotspots for bank fishing then please let me know also would like to know if anyone is looking for a fishing buddy in this area I am new to the hobby,love to do it,but know little if you are looking for a fishing buddy or a ride along pale I would be more than willing to split cost of fuel or whatever with you :cool: I have a 1 yr old son so I need someones help so i dont look tottally stupid when he wants to go fishing I am already followed 7 hrs out of everyday and i know he is going to be on my heels about everything just some help would be gr8tly appreciated

06-03-2007, 02:39 PM
High rock is a great place to start fishing, there are lots of fish in that lake. I would recomend the number 8 bridge and trestle just outside of lexington. Get a bucket of minnows and some light tackle and look for crappie under the bridge. Try a small bobber (balsa wood is best) and a gold crappie hook with a small spit shot sinker. You should be able to catch 20-30 fish on a given day. Hope this helps!