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04-07-2008, 06:42 PM
Prices are now posted under custom tackle and and all N.C. Angler Members get a 10% discount. If you want a certain colors combinations of skirts you will have to call or email me for for those combinations. Spinnerbaits come in 1/4-3/8-1/2 and i will pour any larger sizes that you want and what ever types of blades you may want.Buzzbait sizes will be 3/8oz as of now, several types of blades from gold, copper. chrome, and alum. also on buzzbait there is single blades, and double blades. If there is anything you dont see on the site and you want please let me know and i'll do my best to help you with it. I'm just starting this site so i still have work to do and product to get. My shop is in my back yard shop, but if anyone is in the area, call me and i'll be glad to meet you and get you what you need. Thanks and good fishing. Chris 252-229-6967 p.s. shipping charges will be ajusted per address and amount of products shipped.

04-07-2008, 07:30 PM
Contratulations TC on the new website and thank you for supporting NCangler.com as a NC Sponsor Angler member. Thanks too for the link on your website! ;)

04-07-2008, 09:29 PM
Great news Chris!!! I'll get by this week and check it out!!!!!

Scott Hobbs
04-07-2008, 09:35 PM
10-4 Chris.......will check it out as soon as I can pull away from this

tight lines <*)))))>{

Topsail Angler
04-07-2008, 09:40 PM
Looks good Chris - congratulations! Hope you catch lots of fisherman!

04-07-2008, 10:07 PM
Looks good Chris - congratulations! Hope you catch lots of fisherman!

Good one TA!!!!:D

05-23-2008, 12:17 PM
hows the site coming TC?