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Inshore Fishing

  1. pungo river flatties

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    Fished the pungo on sun morning with my girl and found a lot of small fish. When I say a lot, I mean we caught 30 flounder all 14.5" and smaller. The wind was still howling out of the N to NE. I found fish all over, in all the right areas but no size. Around lunch we almost gave up when I tried one last spot and it paid off, big time. Caught two decent keepers back to back. Worked a little further down the
    Inshore Fishing
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  2. Carteret County Flatties, Spanish and our first King

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    Caught the 20" flounder in Bogue Sound Saturday morning early casting around the shoreline. Sunday we headed out early and relatively quickly landed what we thought were 3 Spanish on live mullet just west of Beaufort Inlet - all before 8am. By the time we landed the third, we were joined by a dozen boats so we headed up toward the Cape - more boats including 2 netters
    Inshore Fishing
  3. More citation goldfish from the pond

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    Too bad this pond isn't private. Catching 4 foot long redfish on artificials is the sweet elixir of life. "Sharks" are such a hot topic with these posts. People are obviously reading too much Facebook, and not spending enough time on the water. Real watermen know that sharks only attack googans, because they reek with the smell of the fear of the ocean.

    No worries here on the Crystal
    Inshore Fishing
  4. Pamlico sound beauties !!!

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    Billy and i had to leave the bay today because of the ne wind and hit the sound . We caught 40 flounder with these nice keepers . Glad to finally meet boxer dog from ayden and chat with him a little . These fish were good and fat from eating all the bait fish that are now roaming the banks and billy had a nice bag of filets to carry home . Fish caught on gulp ripple mullets and mantis shrimp
    Inshore Fishing
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  5. An old drum and a boy

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    Hit the river just before sunset this evening with hopes of putting my number one fishing buddy on his very first old drum. Tossed the net on a pile of menhaden at 8:03 pm. With the amount of bait around me, I was in as good of a spot as any. Sat the power pole down and baited up 3 rods with fresh menhaden. Less than 10 minutes later (hooked at 8:10 according to time stamp on first pic I took of him fighting
    Inshore Fishing