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  1. tough bite-new river 12-22 12-23

    Quote Originally Posted by bassaholic1 View Post
    Went back down to hopefully slime my new hobie pro angler 14 - .. hgeezy tagged along it was a tough bite don't know if the warm weather had them messed up or what the 1st day I managed 3 second day I missed a couple caught 2 and geezy caught 2 cousin caught 1... still was unbelievable weather shorts and t shirt I'm December! And man was the pro angler unbelievable as well! Merry Christmas!

    Freshwater Fishing , ‎ Kayak Fishing
  2. 12/22 - second 8+ report from Jordan lake that day!

    Quote Originally Posted by riverrat1 View Post
    We were headed to Jordan this morning to try to get some big girls today.

    ...Fish were heavy today. Man what a pig Neil had. We couldn't get one that big but the biggest weighed 8-4.

    The bite was slow around Farrington but the size made up for it. My nephew met us at Poe's to try to get some. We been catching a lot there, just no size. Pretty good day, some bigger
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  3. Jordan 12-22

    Quote Originally Posted by Neilslure View Post
    Hit Jordan Lake today with my old man, its been a long time since he has gone with me. We put in about 8 and hit a few areas that have been hot lately hoping to put him on some good fish, they didnt show us any love. By about 10 I came to realize my pattern I have been on wasnt working. The water has risen about 2.5 feet since I was there a few weeks back and now close to 1 ft over normal
    Freshwater Fishing
  4. Here comes the hurt train... Last saltwater trip for 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by NCStateFisher View Post
    Headed out with my buddy Nick for a trip to Frying pan tower... the weather was absolutely perfect and the king bite had been insane for the few days leading up. Well, water temp had dropped just enough to push the fish back offshore further but that was fine by me as there was plenty to keep us occupied right there close. We put a limit on the black bass and had some more fun. I am very very sore as I write this
    Offshore Fishing
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  5. Another Great Day of Fishing!

    Quote Originally Posted by anortnc7 View Post
    So winter has been good to me and Abert43 so far. It is christmas break and when I'm not working or with the fam we are most likely out trying to rack up. Today was for the most part, one of those days. We started in the morning at a local creek we thought would be promising but it was just too muddy, and even with plenty of attempts trying to at least catch something small we decided we would just head for the
    Freshwater Fishing