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  1. Back in Action

    Quote Originally Posted by trigger22 View Post
    As some of you know, my boat has been out of commission due to an incident with a submerged pile of rocks. After a month and a half The Mistress is back in action and looks better than ever. Took her out today for the first time since the repairs looking for trout. Didn't find a whole lot, but it was great being back on the water. We put 2 trout and one drum and a largemouth in the boat in a couple hours of fishing. Seth had one
    Inshore Fishing
  2. RR Electric side with Fish_Fiend 10-30-13

    Quote Originally Posted by SurfRider View Post
    Had another unexpected window to fish, so finally caught up with Fish_Fiend. Since my jonboat is in the garage with my gear in it, using it saves me about 40 minutes of prep and load / unload and cover time over the center console, so I decided to take a look at what's going on in the upper end of Randleman.

    Both of us had time constraints, so we met up at 830 at the ramp and fished till about 1pm.
    Freshwater Fishing
  3. Mack Attack in the Jungle! 10-28

    Quote Originally Posted by NCStateFisher View Post
    Headed out of Southport Monday morning with my dad and friend to get after a fiery king bite.. Saturday my friend we went with caught 30 in three hours on live menhaden on naked rigs. Yesterday the bait was nowhere to be found. A few menhaden flipping here or there but very scattered and hard to catch. We finally found the baitballs off the sunset pier but they were too deep to net. Got ONE bait in 3 hours of trying.
    Offshore Fishing
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  4. Ft Fisher Report 10-27

    Quote Originally Posted by clalmond View Post
    The cool weather has cleared the water, cleared out some of the nuisance fish(pin fish and lizard fish), and got the trout, reds, and flounder more active. For the first time in weeks, I did not have the tails bitten off my soft plastics. Trout were the most active for me today, caught 11 or 12, with only one undersized. Trout seemed to like the Mirrolure MR17, 808 color, and a clear/sparkly trout killer under a popping
    Inshore Fishing
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  5. New Personal Best Fish!

    Quote Originally Posted by RaymondWells View Post
    Went to the New River today and met up with Masterblaster up in Fries, VA. There was ice along the edge of the New and it was cold but we hit the river anyway. Within the first 45 minutes I had a good hit on a Chatterbait and the drag started to sing. Whatever it was, was towing me where ever it wanted to take me, I finally got a close glimpse of what it was and I could see it was a muskie a decent
    Freshwater Fishing , ‎ Kayak Fishing