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  1. Streamers in the Rain 2/7/13

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    Got out to do some streamer fishing for the first time. The weather didn't fully start cooperating until later in the day. Stretched my casting skills to the max and managed four nice 'bows, the largest around 22" or so. Got a hard follow from a massive brown in the 28-30" range, but he pulled up at the last instant when he saw me. Had another fish that felt larger than the ones I landed pull off after slipping into
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  2. tuesday 2-5-13 crappie

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    Had the day off so me and Zach and Mike Taylor hit the lake for some crappie. Fished from 7-10 am and caught 115 and brought 16 nice fish home for supper. Water temp was about 45 and fish caught over 22-30' of water. Very windy. Usually wait and fry a bunch in the deep fryer with several friends at the house, but decided to cook em like mama used to in the pan. Been craving some fresh fish for a couple weeks and this hit the spot!
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  3. 2/5/13: Troutin' in the Sun

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    Got out on a bright and lovely winter day, and fished the main stem of the French Broad near Rosman. Picked up a borderline obese buck brown in the 18-20" range on a gold Rapala floater. He puked up a bunch of what looked like larval salamanders—presumably washed from their rock crevices by the recent high water—then flopped back in before I could get a clear shot at him with my phone. I didn't get any more action
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  4. Jordan 2-3

    Quote Originally Posted by Neilslure View Post
    Fished Jordan Lake on Sunday. I started out fishing a few offshore places and looking at a few areas then the wind picked up. I spent about 3 hours hauling water with a crankbait. During the day I exchanged several texts and calls with a buddy who was also out there, he was doing about the same thing. About 1 oclock he called me and said he just lost one and I said I hadnt been bit but that was about to change.
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  5. Awesome Winter!!

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    This Winter as been exceptionally good this year for me. I'm not sure why but hope it continues through the other 11 months. Anyway, have had four days, with 20+ fish with most of the 14"+. It seems like the best days are the worst conditions, wind 20+ mph, the day we had freezing rain and sleet was awesome with two going over 4 pounds. Hopefully the pictures will upload, and they continue to bite.
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