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Fishy Sunday

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After lunch yesterday (I'm late on the post), I talked my 15 year old brother into heading out to do some catching. He likes fishing, but he doesn't love it (yet). Initially, he resisted, citing a project he needed to work on for school, but realized it was 80 degrees out and sunny and he quickly came around. He hadn't been on the water in a while, so I suggested he throw a beetle spin, and he brought in the first fish, a 15" Largie (not pictured). I got on the board with a similar sized fish, also not pictured.

Several casts later, I looked up to see Lucas struggling to fight a fish that came out of the water a couple times and eventually snapped the 12 lb mono above the knot in a furious run in which the drag on the cheap quantum reel he was using locked up. He was bummed, but I think losing that ~7lb bass left him hungry for more, as he eventually walked off to another spot that he decided looked fishier.

A chunky lil largemouth came to visit while Lucas was in transit

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Lucas pulled in a crappie that shook off on the bank and swam off, but he shortly pulled in another

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And I did likewise (on a rather large culprit worm)

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Found another one, and we brought home supper.

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I lost a very sizeable fish to a log - never saw the fish but even with my typical inshore rod and reel was never able to turn him before he hit the brush. I'll definitely be back to hit this spot again, and I'll wager I can talk the little brother into joining me!
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