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1-28-12 Fontana Report

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1-28-12 Fontana Water is coming up after these rains, water temp is back up to 50 in most places and the wind was back up to 25 in some places. Slow start this morning, but marked a good number of fish, just not like I have been in Greasy Br. Decided to make the run to the Tuck and that place is slap full of fish. Was weird because the fish were deeper even with the rise in water temp. Most fish were at 80' with some at 45, but only got the deep fish to bite. Had walleye and the biggest whites I have seen in 10 years. Multiple doubles with the wind, controlling the boat, bringing in fish and cranking two downriggers up from 80' began to get to be work, so put away the trolling gear and tried to fish the banks. Every time I could hold the boat still long enough to feel the jig at 40' , it would get hit. Even with the wind, was a blast of a day, even saw a couple of eagles playing, boy are they big birds! Possibly am doing a TV show next week, so have to stay on the eyes, just want this wind to die a little. Was wondering if this little spot is a cross, so many have that distinct horizontal patch of spots, but alot don't, just wondering. Later Capt. James
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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Looks like a spot/smallie hybrid to me.
  2. Alan's Avatar
    I've been reading on here about the fishing on Fontana which I guess/hope it is the water way running west winding past lake Sutton and and continuing to the Dam/locks. From the looks of your electronic and a few other post I've seen it is very deep. I have a 21' Chris-craft center console with a very deep v. Is my boat worth taking out there or should I bring the Kayak? Also where would be the best place to put in. I would assume the water would be deeper before the dam but could see the water flow making it deep after the dam. Please help me out with whatever info you can and feel free to share the wealth on freshwater spots driving distance from Topsail. Ill fish anything from yaking a pond to deep cat fishing a lake in my boat.