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Blewit Falls Catfishing

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Awarded by , 02-22-2012 at 07:27 AM (732 Views)
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Took off with Zach and Mike this morning and were on the lake looking for bait at 7am. Went to where we marked them good a couple weeks ago and nothing. Water temps were 49.5 when we got on this morning and got up to just over 50. Moved around for a bit trying several different "marks" and then finally got a net full. Unfortunately they were small catfish. We both thought we were hung up in a tree, but it was just full of these little cats. Probably 150+ fish rangin from tiny to about a pound and a half between the two nets and took us about an hour to get them all out. I didn't realize it till a couple years when I caught some small catfish in my castnet, the small cats have serrated barbs on their fins that get all hooked up in your net.

After cleaning out the nets we finally found us a couple dozen good sized shad to fish with knowing we wouldn't be there past about 1:30pm. Fished several different places and had bites at each, but this is the only one we got in the boat. He was probably 12/13 lbs. and we actually caught him drifting.

This has been a pretty weird winter for fishing. Water seems to be warmer by about 5-10 degrees or so this year than last and the fish seem to be scattered more. Fun to be on the lake.

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