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South Mountains / Jacobs Fork fishing report - March 15-16

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My Dad (06aces) and I headed up to South Mountain State Park a few days ago to wet some lines. The park stocked the Jacob Fork with 800 pounds of fish in early March and the evidence is certainly there! We caught the stream at a slow flow with crystal clear pools and a ton of fish in each.

I started with an egg (Y2K type) but the fish were more interested in things that looked like the little flying ants that were buzzing around the surface of the water. It was cool to see the fish come flying out of the water to ambush the bugs as they skittered across the surface. I used a dry fly for a bit and within the first half hour had caught about 10 fish. Things slowed up toward mid-day but picked back up in the afternoon. We pretty much fished the area right around the parking area. The best success seemed to be with caddis type flies with a bit of white feathers on them (I have no idea what the technical name is of those..sorry!)

All of the fish were fairly good size and seemed interested in biting on pretty much anything you threw at them. Thursday we had the stream all to ourselves almost all day - Friday was a bit busier with probably a dozen fishermen up and down that section.

My Dad fishing on Thursday...

Me (BeachAV8R)..

The second day in the afternoon I walked down the Jacob Fork a bit until just short of the bridge that the horse trail crosses and there was a nice deep pool I've fished before. The water is probably 5 feet deep or more and there was a nice group of fish in there. And lurking toward the back of the pool was the pool "Big Daddy" know, that older, wiser fish that you figure you will never catch because he is probably pretty cagey.

The fish weren't interested in anything I was flying toward the top, so I tied on a white egg and that sunk down to their level and floated in among them. Within 10 minutes I had caught four fish.

On one cast I took my eye off my egg for a few seconds to look upstream getting ready to roll cast back up into the current..when I looked back my egg had just drifted past a big rock on the bottom and out from there darted the Big Daddy I had seen earlier and he grabbed my egg. What a beautiful big fish. I got him to the bank and slipped him back into the water. I didn't get a picture of him..but I did get a video.. I'll see if I can upload it to YouTube. edit - Actually I did get this pic of him recovering in the pool after I released him..but it is blurry and not as good as the video..

Anyway - it was a great day of fishing with my Dad and the scenery and fish were great as usual. I'd guess I hooked about 35 to 40 fish over the two days..

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