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'Nother good day on Hyco!

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Awarded by , 03-24-2012 at 12:37 AM (946 Views)
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The fish have been fired up on Hyco the past week. Went out today solo and managed 70 in 4 hrs.
Got to the point that I had to move off the fish to catch a break!
Tightlined with 4 rods, 2 with 2 jigs and the other 2 with a jig on top and a crank on the bottom.
Bait of the day was acid rain Hot Grubs. Caught a couple 11"ers on 2" crawfish colored cranks.
Fish had moved back out of the shallows(from Sunday) and were piled up on channel bends in open water.
Majority were caught in 13-15 FOW as close to bottom as I could run and were taking bait aggressively @ 1.1- 1.3mph.
Had 4 doubles for the day. Only about 20 of the fish were under the legal 8", most were 9"+.
Culled down to 8 for supper, most 10", a couple @ 11 and change.

The youngun enjoys nettin' 'em out of the LW almost as much as with the rod & reel!
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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good job boys. That fish is almost as big as he is!!