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03-25-12 Lake Wylie (Top End)

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Fished out of Bobby's in Mount Holly today on the top end of Lake Wylie. Made a blast to the pipeline and on to the dam about daybreak. Picked up two rogue spots busting on shad on a large flat just short of the dam. Could have picked up a third, but I was too busy fooling with the camera and the photo of the second while he was busting beside me.

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Began power fishing and alternating between a crankbait and a spinnerbait on my way back downstream to meet up with Stu and the gang. Picked up my third burning the spinnerbait past a dock in about 10 FOW. Rounded out the day with two more dinks on a jig and double tailed grub trailer.

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Oh, forgot to mention...found a huge school of what I thought were perch in about 18' to 22' of water. Kept getting nibbles, but no hooksets. I downsized hooks and went through about three different color/lure choices before I landed this guy. I thought it was just coincidence and proceeded to catch two of his identical brothers before deciding I was on a school of baby channel cats. I quickly moved on...just thought it was interesting that those juvenile cats would school up like that over the channel. Looked just like a school of crappie or perch on the sonar.

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Anyway...hope everyone had a nice weekend. Actually felt a little less like June and a little more like March today, so that was a plus!

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  1. hholland's Avatar
    Heading out there this afternoon. Hope to have as much luck!
  2. TacoBo's Avatar
    Good luck hholland.

    Made the front page...whoo hoo!
  3. dangcivic's Avatar
    Sweet ....I was there on Sunday, caught only 1 perch ..still waiting on the perch run ..I've heard it's started but I must be missing it !! lol