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    Got on the lake noonish looking for bass in post spawn pattern. Got one in about 8 feet of 75 degree surface temp with a mid-range crankbait. Beautiful weather, beautiful water, beautiful spring bass. Then nothing for about 20 minutes, so switched to smaller crank in crawfish red color in the "bright day, bright color" mindset. Second cast brought a very nice black crappie, so did the next few casts, about one hit per three casts. Still no bass, so moved to the west branch, where we found another pack of very nice crappie. Just made loops between the crappie hole and deeper water where we saw bait balls and fish suspended at about 8 to 12 feet, but could only hook up with crappie. Brought 25 to the boat, and released them all. The fish were very aggressive, and it was a fun afternoon. The trailer parking was tight, with rigs parked all the way out of the facility, but we were never crowded on the lake.

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    I was out there Friday on the Gas side. Saw folks killing the crappie but the bass fishing was awful. Two of us and we only boated 6 bass, 1 crappie on a jerkbait, and a bluegill on a topwater. I did land one good one that was 4-11 and my partner lost two nice fish. I think the weather was sub optimal but the biggest problem was the boat traffic. There were over 100 boats out there and when it is like that there everybody is just fishing behind everybody. It was so bad that I had a chance to fish Sunday afternoon and I went to Oak Hollow instead. The bass fishing was much better there. Boated 4 but hooked 8, got the bites but couldn't execute.
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    Wow. Oak Hollow > Randleman... don't hear that every day!

    Congrats getting bit, sorry it was slow. I haven't caught a bass over 3lbs since May 2016.
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