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    I mounted one on my yak for the long runs. I have fished over 7 hrs. no problem. I did not run it the whole time. In the past using a trolling motor on a Bass Hunter, size 24 battery, and we fished a 10 hour day no problem. Best question is, How good it your battery?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYakker View Post
    Whatever your trolling motor is, there should be a section in the owners manual or available online that will show you the Amp draw. That'll typically be the max draw. So if it's 15ah draw and a 45ah battery you know you'll have roughly 3hrs at max thrust in a perfect scenario.
    That does not sound bad at all. I was mostly curious to see if installing a TM at the transom of the Kayak will be better than using the outboard but I think I will stay with the thought of the Outboard just because I don't live near the ocean so I'll have to travel for the weekend and dealing with battery charging on a hotel/motel is a little of a pain. Well thanks for the info it seems very simple to figure out that way.
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    I've got a 35lb-thrust Minn Kota on my Prodigy 10 Sit-Inside kayak. I'm using a pair of U1 sized AGM scooter batteries (same as Daze823) in parallel to push it... They're 35Ah each, gives me 70Ah for the pair and far easier to transport/situate. I wired in a Maximizer (PWM - The "Variable Speed" thingy) controller I got from Ebay, and I can consistently get 7 hours out of the pair so long as I keep it off of WFO.

    I'd only use AGM on a kayak. If it falls out or turns over, it's sealed for both your safety and the environment. And don't be tempted to get one of the new LiPo batteries either... That's just asking for a fire

    I've experimented with 40lb and 55lb motors too. Since they all turn the same RPMs (and the rig is so light), there's no benefit with the extra thrust... Bigger motors only add weight and kill the batteries faster. The only way to speed up a trolling motor is to use a custom prop.

    Maximizer module, U1 Battery, and UHF (for scale)

    Click image for larger version.

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