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    So I launched my kayak on the south part of the bridge, and paddled up through the bridge and headed up north. I fished the Northwest shore as I went up a little, having a few nibbles but no bites. I had my first bite up North, around here:

    A good sized bass bit twice on a 4" Junebug Senko, but it bunched up on my hook and didn't set both times. I tossed that hook and re-rigged with a better offset and caught a 2-3lb lmb off that, but not the same one. I'm pretty sure the next fish I caught was the one that had spit it twice though, a nice good sized lmb, that got tangled up in some of the vegetation and it took me a while to free her. I stuck my Orra SX baitcaster in the back of my kayak, and then decided to cut the line since it was so tangled, because then I could just pull the cut line through the glob of vegetation and discard it into my boat. So I did that, got the hook out, got some pics, and let her go. I was so excited, good size fish, fun fight...but where is my baitcaster? Fishing while out of work is hard, because every lure, or worm I lose is painful because I know I can't afford to spend money on more. It's ultra painful when you lose a $140 rod/reel. I proceeded to spend the next 2 or 3 hours trying to find this rod in essentially 3 feet of water, with no luck. I even went and looked at my pictures to figure out where I was when it fell out, as I had drifted a small distance (10 feet or so). No luck, really killed the momentum and my happiness. Anyhow, I finally gave up and went further up and caught 3 more of varying sizes. On the way back at one of the 30ft across or so grass outcrops in the middle of the lake, I got a crazy hit. I was using this sad baitcaster rod with a cheap spinning reel on it, and 14lb Trilene Nanofil. That stuff is so much stronger than 14lb though, and it doesn't stretch. I had my drag set reasonably, and it was taking off with my line. I dialed it up and got it close, but then it would take a bunch of line again. I finally got it close to the boat, and I could see why it was such a fighter, it was a 10-15lb blue catfish that hit a purple with a red tail Culprit. It was a gorgeous fish, very clean and pristine, like a newborn but it was pretty hefty. Unfortunately while trying to get my gripper clamped on it's mouth it kicked and broke the line because I was holding the line and that nanofil does not give. I'm lucky I didn't cut my hands. The whole thing was kind of a panic, this thing was way bigger than anything I've caught in the yak so far. It's head was huge, near 6" wide it seemed like.

    Few things to note: I heard about a billion frogs, and bass were constantly (I heard over 50 topwater hits over the day) hitting the surface. I saw probably a 5lb bass completely breach the water on it's own, just craziness. I tossed a frog very briefly, but I didn't have a good rod for it at that point, because my baitcaster had 16lb mono on it, and my main spinning rod had 6lb flouro. I think it could have been productive, but I never fished real seriously after losing my rod.

    I'll add some pics later. There is a fish that came right up and looked at me in the kayak at one point, in that area I lost my rod and caught several fish. I thought it was a bass, but now I'm not sure, but I do know it was big. I'm going to try and enhance the pics, I don't think it came out like what I saw.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice fish! Sorry about your rod and reel. I lost my favorite spinning rod with a Shimano Sedona 4000 reel and the clamp that holds my portable fishin buddy 1200 fishfinder to the boat earlier this year the same way. Sucks doesn't it? Here's to catching more fish and not losing any more equipment! Tight lines!
    "You cannot have your best day fishing without having your worst day."
    -Doug Hannon "The Bass Professor"

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakattackabass View Post
    Nice fish! Sorry about your rod and reel. I lost my favorite spinning rod with a Shimano Sedona 4000 reel and the clamp that holds my portable fishin buddy 1200 fishfinder to the boat earlier this year the same way. Sucks doesn't it? Here's to catching more fish and not losing any more equipment! Tight lines!
    Oh man, I've almost lost my Deeper Pro fish finder. I cast it on a rod with that Nanofil I mentioned, and you have to be careful how you tie that stuff it's insanely slick, and I just did something simple and it flew off and I was casting from the shore (no kayak). Luckily the current was pushing towards the shore and it pushed it just past the point where a friend was able to get it with a branch.

    Anyhow, yeah, you really just have to be careful on kayaks, I'm still not used to it. I've done this a few times, but usually catch it. I stick a rod loosley in the bungies that are a part of the Pescador, and once I release tension on the rod it falls out. I've tried tethers but they are too encumbering, and I don't like the floats look/size. I have one rod holder on a ram mount, but only the one. My biggest problem is I catch a fish, I then reel it way in, and instead of letting some out at the kayak so I can handle the fish easier, I end up with the reel somewhere far away from me and the rod tip close to me. I know it sounds insane, but somehow it makes sense when I'm doing it. I just need to let slack out, but when I did that with the catfish on this trip, it made me lose the fish. I have to figure out how to not lose my rod/dunk it in the water, while securing my catch. I have a net, but never end up taking it, just seems like more trouble. It ends up the same problem, trying to one arm your rod while you work the net, instead of fish grippers.
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    Nice report. Sorry about the rod. The underwater fish definitely looks big. Looks kind of like a pickeral to me.

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