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Thread: This maybe a bit off topic but

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    Default This maybe a bit off topic but

    This maybe a bit off topic but why are the men that are older not as cocky to girls? Im a 16 year old guy, pride and cockyness is something i always have when beign around girls or guys. But im noticing how older guys seem to let women be more dominant or pro(slang). For example, bunch of people on this site said "women tend to out fish guys, sad but true", I disagree but even it were true why would you admit defeat and put ur pride down ? it just feels pride damaging to admit defeat and let admit someone else to be superior. I personally think it could be something to do with maturity level.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    Young Jimmy........I can assure you most of the guys on this site have been there and done that cockiness thing. There is a big difference between cockiness and confidence. Excellent fisherman (the people that always seem to catch something) will tell you that knowing you are going to be successful is half the battle. Same thing applies to athletics and life in general. At the same time, there's something to be said for being humble. Letting your actions (in this case catching fish) do your talking for you will get you a lot further than your words will and will save you embarrassment in the event of failure. And you will fail, we all do. This is especially true when it comes to the ladies. Do we REALLY think they can outfish us? Hardly. Do we revel in saying they can? Of course. If you were a big ol' bass would you bite the guys line or the hot chicks?
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    TROUT being the masculine gender tend to be more aggresssive in the pursuit of most game
    fish. A lot of times it takes the lady with her dainty touch to feel the slight bite of the trout. Thus, catching more fish.

    Don't get the idea that women can't fish. Thats why they have a ladies Bass Master trail....some of these
    ladies can hold there own against any man.

    Wake up, fishing is not a man domanit sport. Plenty of women out there that are excellent at the fishing game.

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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    Nothing adjusts the attitude like time, finances and failures-One of my mentors once told me that regardless of age, no man is ready to succeed at anything until he's been around long enough have the the sap slapped out a few times. My wife is not a good fisherman --she is an excellent one.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    My wife doesn't fish. Guess she doesn't want to show me up.

    Jimmy - admitting someone is better at something is not admitting defeat, if said seriously, it is acknowledgment of facts (don't let your pride get in the way of the truth). Other times we say things like that with tongue in cheek (joking but with a thread of truth) or as way of trying to be humble - nothing wrong with either.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    The curse of youth is not realizing how much smarter experience makes people.
    When you`re older you realize you don`t have anything to prove after all.
    Just be yourself.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    Someone needs to tell you the story of the old bull and the young bull. In nature we see toms struttin and big bucks rubbing, and they may get most, but there are always quiet toms and bucks that get the job done. As for the ladies out fishin the guys, there is some science behind it. Men are visually oriented and women are touch oriented, so when fishing by feel they have a natural edge.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy View Post
    for example, bunch of people on this site said "women tend to out fish guys, sad but true", i disagree but even it were true why would you admit defeat and put ur pride down ? It just feels pride damaging to admit defeat and let admit someone else to be superior. I personally think it could be something to do with maturity level.
    pride has nothing to do with truth not all woman are better fisherman than men but some can even out shoot a man as with annie oakly she was one of the best woman marksmen in her day and not many men could say different.
    history is full of woman who out done men in many many ways
    maturity definetly has alot to do with it once you mature you will find out nobody but god is superior to another human being
    alot of people consider me the king of the area i fish and truth be known im no different than them,im no better a fisherman than they are,i just know a little bit more about the creek i fish than they do,does this make me better? No it just means ive spent more time fishing that area.
    when i say a woman can out fish me im not putting my pride down and im not admitting defeat by any way im just admitting that this woman is good at fishing or what ever it may be she is doing.
    telling him or he im better is not being cocky but being ingorant in a sence,its like saying im better than you and your nothing.
    you may think your better than someone but there is always someone willing to prove your not be it a man or a woman,thats when your pride will get hurt and you'll have no choice but to admitt defeat
    it takes a bigger man to admitt when he is beat than to stand and denie defeat
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    I haven't found much value in pride. Pride is not a necessary component of confidence - you can be confident without pride.

    I'm confident that I'm doing the best I can do with the skills God has given me, and that with His help, I'm able to do the things He wants me to do. What else do I need?
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    the courage not to fib about it, and the wisdom to know that
    nobody would believe me anyway."

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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    So, I guess the terms "pride", "defeat", "better", "damaging", "cocky", etc., are terms that I definitely either thought about or used when life was largely about the "rep", "impressing", being "the leader of the pack", etc., in my teens and even early 20s. Now that I look back on those really great times I can smile to myself at how cool I was. But, back then, I also was doing a lot of "fronting", if you know what I mean. I probably wasn't as confident in myself, and my skills, as I thought I was so I had this really well-polished cool facade to mask any thing I might have thought was a weakness on my part. Of course, I don't think many of us were totally confident in ourselves back then.

    One of the neat things about being older is that a lot of that stress leaves. It's not a matter of being out front any more; it's a matter of not competing with my wife or fellow fisherman or business colleagues. It's a matter of viewing them for who they really are, what they really give, and what I can give in return that is special to that particular person. All of a sudden I find myself in the middle of good humor with good friends who I can trust to accept me for who I am and, walla!, life is so much more enjoyable now. It's harder from a physical standpoint; but much easier on the psyche.

    I wouldn't trade, for anything, that stress and all the hard knocks of "finding myself" over the years. It's a great trip, this life.

    I hope you print your post out and stick it away somewhere. Every time you have a birthday that ends with a "0" (zero), take the post out and read it. I bet in a few decades you'll smile like I did when I read your post.

    Go for it kid, just keep your eyes and sensitivities open and the trip will be even better. You ask good questions.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    I don't know about anyone else here, but I have absolutely no problem admitting that Sondra Rankin (FLW) and Stacy Zhelesnik (BASS) can outfish me!

    Red X Angler

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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    I`ll admit a woman CAN fish as good as any man.
    BUT, in the pro`s they have yet to show that.
    The men consistently (as in always) pull in way more weight than the women.
    I don`t see why we have separate leagues anyway.
    If women want to race they race Nascar, period. Not the WOMEN`s Nascar League.
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    Im a fairly young guy at 28 years young. Ive never been one to have pride issues growing up. It does have alot to do with age and how you feel about it.

    In high school your always worried about being seen with the hot girl, being the popular guy, being the hard ***! When in all actuallity its the not so hot girl that is the best woman.

    Admitting someone is better than you doesnt mean you've lost pride or w/e.

    You should be PROUD that your a fisherman! Wether you suck or not.

    thats just my $.02

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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    I fish to relax and being cocky takes more energy that its worth. If im fishing and see people catching, i ask them what they are using....i asked a 9 year old boy and his 7 year old sister what they were using and ended up fishing with them for two or more hours. I guess what im trying to get across is that narcissistic pride wont get you far and after fishing with those kids(a humbling experience) i was PROUD of doing it. In my opinion, it takes a strong person to put pride aside and ask for help wether its from Bill Dance or from the 9 and 7 year old who shared their minnows with me even though they didnt know my name. best of luck.

    BTW grmReaper, you wouldnt happen to have Sondra Rankin or Stacy Zhelesniks phone number do you?
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    Default Re: This maybe a bit off topic but

    Oddly enough (sarcasm) in a male driven and dominated sport it`s the women who are pretty who get the most pub.
    Unlike the men- that`ll help get you sponsored.
    See J. Carroll, who, when she started, I conversed with online and met at a tourney on Lake Norman. Even loaned her a GPS.
    Good news= she`s a really nice person.
    Bad news= last I checked she couldn`t catch a cold.
    But since she`s hot as a firecracker she`s the one getting the publicity.
    Who would you interview ?
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