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Thread: Species found in the French Broad

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    Default Species found in the French Broad

    Since it's just down the road from me, I've decided to make it a goal to catch every species of fish found in the French Broad River.
    What kind of fish are in there? And what section are they found in?
    I've mostly fished the FB in Asheville and upstream, where I've caught smallmouths, sunfish/bluegills (some of those panfish are hard for me to tell apart if I can't compare them side by side) and some rock bass.
    I've seen schools of what I believe to have been golden shiners at the big hole upstream of Hot Springs (where I've been a couple times to unsuccessfully target catfish.)
    I've seen empty chicken liver containers among the litter at Bent Creek and I've seen someone catfishing behind 12 Bones, which I suppose means there must be some cats up here, but what species?
    From what I've heard there are muskies and there might be trout further upstream. I read on this forum somewhere that there are gar downstream of the dams and people mention chain pickerel once in a while, but I've never heard of anyone actually catching them out of the FB. I read online that TN has reintroduced the lake sturgeon to the FB, so once I've bagged everything I can catch in NC I'll have to visit some friends in Knoxville to try for one of those.
    You'd think that NCwildlife would have a list of everything you might find in the FB, but if they do I haven't been able to locate it on their site.
    Any help in building my French Broad Species Checklist will be greatly appreciated.

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    i know flatheads are in there but if you really want to see what is in each river get the book titled The Freshwater Fishes Of North Carolina by Edward F. Menhinick published bythe NCWRC and distributed by Larkin Distributers in charlotte.....I have only found this book at the nc museum of natural history in downtown raleigh but i'd bet the ncwrc has it if you call have to look up each fish and it shows dots where they have been collected by bioligist.......then you just find the fb chain pickerals anywhere near there but that doesnt mean they arent there they maybe they just have never been shocked up or netted by a does show gar in lower fb and even paddlefish in the lower fb.....also spotted bass......sauger also.....and freshwater was 35 bucks........mack
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    Default Re: Species found in the French Broad

    Man, you have got a lot of different fish to catch.

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    Default Re: Species found in the French Broad

    Add to that the bass, bream, crappie and normal panfish...
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    Default Re: Species found in the French Broad

    hit redmon dam after the water temps go down and some of the dh fish wash out and you can catch some decent trout hot springs in the spring is a great place for walleyes too

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    Well I hate to say it but there are a lot of species in the river that you would have a very hard time catching. There are a lot of small minnow species that I would imagine would not take a hook and line.

    +1 on the book by Menhinick. I took a class with him back in college. That guy knows his stuff for sure. The book is also a great taxonomic key. You can positively identify ANY freshwater fish in NC using that book. Sometimes that means disection, almost always having them out of the water for a long time, so it's not very practical for catch and release, but if you just gotta know....

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