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Thread: Fly Fishing for Trout on the Dan River

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    Default Fly Fishing for Trout on the Dan River

    I introduced my son(10 yr) to flyfishing this spring and he loves it. We have caught a lot of bluegills, crappie and largemouth bass. He really wants to fish for trout and the closest area I can find is the part of Dan River in northwest Stokes co.

    Any advice would be appreciated as far as access points, type of fly, time of year, basically anything. I've never fly fished for trout so I'm a newbie too.


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    I've fished a bunch on the Dan and have not seen trout below collinstown road. I target smallies, but still think I would have seen one or two accidentally. I've heard they stock them in VA, but can't say for sure.
    I know of trout being caught in the fisher, and mitchell rivers in Surry county.

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    You may find a few trout left in the Fisher and Little Fisher rivers in Surry county. The last stocking for the year was in July. The next opportunity will be the October and November stockings on the delayed harvest Mitchell River, also in Surry county.
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    Thanks to all for the info.

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    nc stocks the dan from sr1416 to sr 1421.........the smith river in va is probaly your closest good trout water........mack
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