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Thread: 2-25-12 Fontana Blows Up!

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    2-25-12 Fontana Blows up! Canceled a trip this AM and decided to cruise around and just look, calling for 30 mph, and that makes for tough fishing. Well they missed it, I think it went a sustained 40 for several intervals. Stayed true to my plan til about three and couldn't stand it any more. Didn't have a fish and hadn't really tried, just trolled a couple of lines while checking out the LT. Never really found many fish, just scattered, some at 30 and a few at 50, but no takers. When the wind died to 20+ went to the standard jig and mini fluke and if you could stand up you could catch them on any rock or boulder wall up the LT, Nantahala, and Greasy Br. Found mixed schools of smallies, spots and even LM and they were the biggest average size I've had this winter. There was even a 20 inch rainbow that slammed my crankbait and threw the hook on a jump.First really good crankbait and jerkbait bite too, just love it! Rapala slashbiat and the little Flicker shad caught the bigger fish, while the jig produced the most spots. Smallies were right on the bank, chasing threadfins, so the topwater bite should start real soon. Had a big school of gizzards come under the boat, that is what I've been marking at 20' up the L Tenn. Ended with 20 or so in about 3hrs. of real fishing, come on spring. Later Capt. James
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    Glad you had a good day, that wind is no fun. Thanks for the report and pictures.

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    Capt. James....thx for sharing that fishing report and very nice pix too!!

    Ya got a nice mixed bag of chunky fish....Congrats!!

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    excellent!! still got smallmouths on the bucketlist :P
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    Went to beech Mtn.. Yesterday snowboarding and it was chilly what were air temps there
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    Nice report WNCSLIM, how long have the spots been in there and have any big ones been caught?.....thanks Mack
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    They started showing up maybe 10-12 years ago and now they are really well established. These are Kentucky vs. Coosa spots and they don't get quite as large, my largest here is only 4 1/2. where at Lanier that is pretty common with the coosas. TVA has a website that lists the lakes and shocking samples that shows the rise of the spots and the decline of the smallies, but there are still plenty of smallies, how long they last no one knows.

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