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Product: Fireline Crystal

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    Default Fireline Crystal

    Product Manufacturer: Berkeley
    The world's first translucent superline for near invisibility underwater Advanced technology FireLine is now 20 percent stronger than before. This thermal filament casts more easily, ties better knots, and stays more hassle-free than conventional braids. Along with exceptional strength, FireLine delivers ultimate sensitivity for instant feel, and the ultrathin diameter provides low visibility and incredible lure action.
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    Price Paid: 17
    Recommended: yes
    Haven't used it long, but I like it in general. This was one of the first two spools that I filled with braided line. My first impressions are consistent with pretty much any braided line -- its strength-to-diameter ratio is much higher than mono, it stretches less, it's more durable, it's harder to tie.

    I like to use a mono leader, so that if my lure gets hung up, I can break off the mono and not lose x-number of feet of my main line. This way my spool's not half empty every couple of outings. This line is noticeably more slippery than the non-crystal Fireline -- a uni-to-uni is the only knot I've been able to get to hold the leader on.

    I've not looked at it from underwater so I can't testify to its invisibility.
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    Recommended: no
    Cons: Worse than mono for kinks and memory, horrible
    Pros: None
    First off, if you think this is going to be a nice, limp, strong line like a normal braid, you are in for a disappointment. This stuff is like melted braid that has set up stiff as a board. It gets lots of kinks, is not very translucent, and is a complete waste of money. Get regular power pro for spinning reels, and you would likely do better than this with flourocarbon on casting reels. Just threw out half a spool and will replace it with power pro.

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    Default I like it.

    Price Paid: 17.99?
    Recommended: Yes
    Cons: Takes forever too break in! Tangles easy at first.
    Pros: Strong Cuts through Weeds Fast! Casts Really Far!
    Okay I love this stuff. Fireline is a fused braid. Which at first it's stiff doesn't conform too the Spool at all at first. Needs a long break-in period. But once it breaks in I love it. Honestly it's the only line I use when it comes to Braid. I've tried Suffix, Powerpro, Spiderwire and I tend too still prefer this over others. Just be prepared for the break in period and tangles too occur.
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