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Product: Gold Medalist Pro

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    Default Gold Medalist Pro

    Product Manufacturer: Pfleuger
    This model seems to be an exclusive variant for Dick's Sporting Goods. I think it advertised 8 bearings.

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    Price Paid: 30
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: First item was defective
    Pros: Tight anti-reverse, smooth retrieve, low cost
    Caught this reel on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods. It's got the tightest anti-reverse I've found in this price range -- it feels great from this standpoint. On the downside, the bail has a tendency to either not stay open, or to close on my cast -- perhaps due to a 'sweet spot' in the rotational position. Unfortunately this is a stronger "negative" than the anti-reverse is a "plus".

    Update: After reading my own writing, I decided that if I disliked the bail that much, I oughtta take it back. So I did. The sales clerk agreed that it seemed to be defective, so he opened another package and we tested its bail, which seemed to work much better. So after a painless even exchange, I might be pretty well pleased with the reel after all.

    Next update - Oct 2007 - the more I use this reel the more I like it. The bail is working reliably now, but what's impressing me most is how smooth the retrieve feels. I've got braid on this one just like on my Abu Cardinal, bit this one feels much smoother. I'm very impressed with this reel.

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