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Product: Dry-Bag 30 Baja

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    Default Dry-Bag 30 Baja

    Product Manufacturer: Seal Line
    Purchased from Bass Pro Shop, this size 30 bag is about 11" X 19" ( folded 3 times ) altogether it's about 28". Holds 1950, weight at 1#4oz.
    It looked huge at first, but when you fold it and bend it close, you can now picture your gear in there. Seems fairly thick and well built. Time will tell...

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    Recommended: yes
    Pros: Very nice product-Tough
    I have used the seal bag when I was in the military. Very tough and seals up nice.

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    Recommended: yes
    Cons: none that I've found
    Pros: Never has leaked in over ten years of use
    I bought this bag in Alaska over 10 years ago and it has never failed me. I used it in the military, hunting in Alaska and fishing all over the US and it's still hanging tough. Great dry bag!

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