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    I see from the stocking schedule that the DH section of the Ararat is going to be stocked Monday. Thinking about heading up that way later in the week. I've never fished the Ararat and am new at fly fishing altogether. Can anyone suggest patterns that might work this time of year? Any other suggestions as well would be greatly appreciated!

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    Drop 'finstalker' a PM. He's our resident Ararat expert.
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    Thanks h2ohhh, Finstalker already PM'D me!
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    With freshly stocked, uneducated fish in DH water a lot of patterns work. Wooly buggers, san juan worms in pink and red, a variety of colors of egg patterns (yarn or plastic), green and pink weenies,....and your standards like hares ear, pheasant tail, copper johns etc. Although these stocker do start to get a little smarter....the eggs, juans and especially an egg and nymph combo seem to be pretty consistent producers. Technique and depth may be more important that what's supposed to be hatching out. Good luck.
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    Green wooly buggers

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    Thanks for the help guys. I'm really looking forward to getting up there and giving it a try!

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