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    Default fishing Oak Island area

    Alright guys I'm gonna be heading down to the cost for a car show this weekend (Run to the Sun) and I'm gonna take some time to fish. I'll be staying and fishing at Oak Island so I'm wondering whats the word on surf/ shore fishing in the area? Whats biting? What are they biting? and when/ where? I would like to target some nice sized flounder but I'm not picky. Thanks

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    all i can help you out on is bait and fish biting. 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jighead, preferably a bright color, with a 4 inch gulp shrimp penny color(normal) fished on the bottom, preferably throw it up stream if your in the creeks, and reel in just enough of the slack to be able to feel the bite, but not to where you are reeling reeling it in. it should be going the same or close to the speed of the current. flounder mainly will bite this then trout then reds. 2 hook bottom rig with live anything for flounder. trout mirrolures, not sure of what kind dont fish them enough, others on here do though, saltwater bass assassin sea shad in pepper with a chartreuse paddle tail or just chartreuse work ok. jig head with a grub works amazing for trout and reds. bottom rig with cut mullet for reds. redfish magic spinner bait for reds. electric chicken color. good luck!!!
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