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Thread: Transducer Mount for Trolling Motor

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    Default Transducer Mount for Trolling Motor

    Does anybody know of a durable or possibly unbreakable transducer mount for a trolling motor? Maybe a spring loaded breakaway design or something of that nature? I have broken my Lowrance transducer twice in the last 12 months.

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    Might try one of these shields, I have never used one but also never broken a transducer off.

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    Thanks there old fisherman! I may give that a try. By the design I can even re-use my broken transducer.

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    I leave the hose clamp loose enough that it will give if it hits something. There are about 50 different protectors available. A buddy of mine broke his and taped it back on with electrical tape.
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    I ordered and installed the transducer shield & saver, and I really like it. Totally protects the transducer and there is really not a way to break this thing. Much better design than the Lowrance mount.

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