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Thread: New club in the Charlotte area!!!

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    Default New club in the Charlotte area!!!

    Hey guys, come check our website . The Lake Norman Bassmasters is a new/restructured club for 2012! We are a low cost bass club thats still alittle on the competitive side with yearly dues just $25 and the tournaments are just $10 with an optional $5 big fish. We meet the first Wed. of every month and fish two tournaments a month with two 2-day tournaments each year. If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected] or just fill out the info on our contact page and we will get back to you quickly.

    Thanks for looking at our website and we would love to have anyone looking for a club, come to one of our meetings and meet everyone. You can fish 2 tournaments without paying the $25 yearly dues to make sure you like the club.

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    are non boaters allowed? im busy during the week with school, but could i still come try out the 2 tourneys to see if i like it?
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    Yes we have non-boaters in our club. The club is a 70/30 club witch means no more than 30% of the members can be non-boaters. This keeps the possibility of more non-boaters fishing then boaters and it wouldn't be fair to the non-boaters that had to sit out. Right now we dont have any non-boater spots open but I know we will have some very soon. One of our members is buying a boat within the next week or two and we have to new boaters that are coming on. If you would like and anybody else reading this, go to the (contact us) page on our site and file out as much info as you care to and I will give you a call as soon as a spot opens. And again, it shouldn't be long. Non-boaters spots are first come first serve!
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