Saltwater Your outfits for specks and reds?
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Thread: Your outfits for specks and reds?

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    Default Your outfits for specks and reds?

    Wanted to throw a quick question out; What types of spinning,casting and or fly combos do you use for specks and reds? doing some in-depth scientific research and thought I'd get some input!
    id really like some ideas for flyrod outfits just for my own curiosity !!
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    I love Divers!! Poppers next and then streamers, this is my short list for Reds! Trout...Polar fiber streamers (craft fur) is my # 1 go to! I do vary the size from 1 1/2 to 3 inch streamers. EC and white colors. Poppers work too. Fly rods I like 8 wts for Reds and 5 wts for Trout. Both with floating WF line. Popping cork for spinning with either 3 " gulp or other soft plastics for Reds and small corks with 1/8oz jig heads trolling 2" gulp or soft plastics for Trout. I have had a lot of success with Rapala's Clown color Ultra Minnow ....sinking model trolled. MR 14's get a BIG vote too for trout! Hope this helps!!
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