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    Default My Javelin Overhaul Project


    I'm attempting to overhauling my 92 Javelin Bass Boat to add more storage and utility when fishing.

    Click image for larger version.

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    The Concept

    Click image for larger version.

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    My boat is not like most bass boats as it doesn't have a second floor (assuming that's what you call it). It's also a very small bass boat with a length of 15 foot and boosting small Johnson motor to boot. My concept is to add that second floor to the front end and back end like most newer style bass boats. In doing so, I have the luxury of choosing my own storage.

    On top of that, I'm replacing the carpet and repainting the boat/motor a new color to match my new creation. I am even dabbling with the idea of ripping off the stickers and pasting a new set of stickers that represents the creations name along with a new improved Javelin sticker too.

    Click image for larger version.

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    The Plan

    I'm attaching two images, the one with the most red blocks is the concept or idea I want to create. To help explain those images, here is the plan.

    Front End

    The front end will contain 4 new containers for storage. Both sides of the seat will be my basic boat storage (life vests, paddle, etc). Behind the seat will be my tackle box built to hold a roll-out stack of plastic tackle boxes (roll-out means it pops out and carrying stacks of tackle boxes as opposed to the traditional filing cabinet storage most newer boats have). Lastly, you have the cooler before the step.


    The current boat plan shows a second floor in the front end, but it's not up to the lip. I'm taking that down and building a second floor up to the lip as well pushing that floor to the middle of my steering console. From there, you have new storage between the driver and passenger seats before the back end step to the back floor.

    Back End

    The back will have a second floor (currently does not). Multiple storage containers will be added, one for each side of the back seat for additional tackle (or co-anglers tackle) and the traditional split live well just under the back end of the seat.

    The sliding door may be confusing, buy my battery/gas/oil lies under the back end fiberglass. Basically where the sliding door is, there is a cloth flap right now. I just open that flap and put my batteries right under that fiberglass where others may have a door etc in a longer boat. The sliding door is exactly what it means, it slides back and forth to get under the fiberglass, but the trick is that my battery/gas/oil (represented by the brown boxes in the concept plan) will also be on a rolling tray (represented by the transparent red box at the back). The tray rolls to the opening of the sliding door to take those objects our, pump gas or put oil in the container (neat system I'm excited to see if it works).


    Sorry if my terminology is incorrect here, but the images should be obvious on my wants. The images may be a little off on more refined representation of my boat, but I think it's pretty close.

    Let me know what you think or have any suggestions. My current problem right now is finding room for rod storage!
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    Looks good! I put a deck extension in my old bass boat and it didn't take but 4 hours. Mine is an 17' '82 so, apparently in the early eighties, storage was not a big concern. My deck layout was the same as yours being the front deck ended directly aft of the pedestal so, if you turned facing aft, your feet were dangling. The front box had a hatch on the side of it and was so small all you could slide up there was an anchor and a live vest.
    After I re built the stringers and transom, I decided I wanted a bigger deck (second floor), tackle storage up front and a place for my trolling motor battery up front.
    I usually am a proponent of only using marine ply for boats but, for purposes of saving money and weight I used some high quality exterior 5 ply 7/16" from lowes. I've had it in there for a few months and so far so good. I did, however, encapsulate some of the wood in glass mat to add strength and water resistance.
    The trickiest part for me was the hatch lids. I laid my assembled deck in the boat and cut out the large hatch. After I did that, I removed that piece of wood, used my dremel multi-max and trimmed about 1/8" all the way around. It doesnt have to be a pretty cut/trim job as I knew it would have carpet over it. So, this 1/4" of clearance I trimmed was to create space for the carpet AND the offset the hinges would create.
    For hinges I used some hefty exterior door hinges from lowes. All of my screws went through the wood, I just shaved them down with a grinder but I wanted them to go through to make sure I had a good grip. When you stand and walk around on your hatch lids, that is alot of pressure so just keep that in mind as well.
    Usually boats, for the hatch lids, have a fiberglass (molded) "gutter" that act to catch rain water and direct it into the bilge and to support the hatch lid. Since I did NOT want to spend that time making these, I got some heavy duty "L" brackets from lowes and used 2 of those on each side to support the hatch.
    When I was done forming that hatch lid and installing it, I realized there was more flex than I wanted when I had my weight on it. I used a scrap piece of wood and screwed it to the underside of my hatch lid to give it more rigidity (acts like a truss beam).
    When all is said and done I spend MAYBE $100 on material, took me around 4 hours to do and now I have ALL of my tackle up front with me just behind my fishing chair and I have my trolling motor battery up there which takes that weight out of the back of the boat. Now, where I had that battery, I have additional storage for co angler tackle,or whatever I is empty now.
    Mine doesnt look the best but, it serves its purpose as intended and I can jump up and down on it throwing a tantrum when I miss that big hawg!
    If you want any help or have any questions, let me know!

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