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    Lately my trolling motor battery has been running out of juice very quickly even after being fully charged. Doesn't seem old enough to have gone bad. Is it possible my trolling motor is draining the battery somehow, even when it's not running?
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    If it's 12v TM, temporarily disconnect the positive (red +) TM wire from the battery and put a 12v light of some sort between the positive terminal of the battery and the positive (red) wire to the trolling motor. DO NOT activate the motor. If the light's on with the motor off, the TM is drawing current. If it's off, it's not.

    The battery may be sulfated... If this is the case, even with a full charge it will almost instantly run out of steam and this can happen to any battery unfortunately. Only way to be sure is to get it load tested - Any chain auto store should be able to do that either free or for a low fee.

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    Age is only one issue with decay of a battery. How you store it , charge it and "cycle" it can effect its decay greatly! Always disconnect when not in use and always fully recharge it on a proper slow charging battery charger. I like to use a 2amp/10amp overnight with an auto shutoff so it cant overcharge. I will sometimes set it to 40amp for a couple hours when I can watch it as it cooks the sulfates off the plates when it heats up but watch that it doesnt push out the acid. When stored it needs to be in a good place not to freeze and preferably on a "trickle charger" or "battery maintainer" type charger fully disconnected from anything but the charger.. I have gotten extra years from even cheap deep cycle batteries doing this..

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