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Thread: north river/middle marsh

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    I've always done the surf fishing thing down around cape lookout, but thinking of expanding into some of the back waters in the sound with my jon boat, especially during the winter. From looking at the charts it looks like there is some deeper creeks, channels, sloughs, troughs, etc in the confluence the north river/middle marsh area, although it would definitely take some trial and error. Am I on the right track with this idea? Any experience or thoughts?

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    I'ver only fished in there as late as late November, but there was some very good fishing in there. Havn't been in there in years. I had one spot that I had to wait for the tide to get about half in before my trihull boat would get over a sand bar to get in. Once in, the channel in there was fairly deep, and long, for that area. I saw some very nice speks come out of there. Had been thinking about seeing if I could find that same channel again in my yak. but it is just off the ICW, and the boats that go through there have no mercy on a yakker. That same channel used to have a shallower way in from the opposite end of it that would be accessible to a yak, and most likely a small jon boat. I am sure there would be other channels like that one also.
    Maybe someone with experience in those marshes, who fish there presently will come on this thread and give you some good ideas.

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    "you don't know the sound until you run aground" - local saying
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey View Post
    "you don't know the sound until you run aground" - local saying
    unfortunately, i know that sound. first outing w/boat, summer 2010, middle marsh. an unplanned 4 hours in the marsh passing time with the occasional nap and some wade fishing. also have a nice "harkers island shine" on my lower unit, if you know what i mean.
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