Places to fish around Charlotte
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Thread: Places to fish around Charlotte

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    Default Places to fish around Charlotte

    I am looking for a lake or river very to Charlotte's northeast section. Does anyone have any suggestions? I mostly fish for bass and panfish.

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    Default Re: Places to fish around Charlotte

    You should get plenty of help there. Charlotte area has been discussed a few times. Do a search for charlotte and you should find a few things.

    By the way, welcome aboard.
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    Default Re: Places to fish around Charlotte

    NE Charlotte = Mountain Island Lake or Lake Norman depending on how you plan to fish.

    Mountain Island lake has two very good ramps, plenty of water and a lot of fish.

    Stripers (small but they are there), LMB , white perch in nuisance numbers and big catfish that like to feed on the white perch.

    Lake Norman's ramps are open (WRC) and some are closed (Meck Co.) and there are plenty of perch, lmb and catfish too. Stripers are in the creek mounts and half way back into the coves right now too.

    Hope this helps.
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