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    Smile Surry County Trout!!

    This is my first submission to this board.

    This report is a little late, but I hope it provides some input. Spent the day on friday, April 25th in Surry County testing out some of the D.H. waters and H.S. waters.

    Started out at sun-up on Fisher River or a.k.a. Cooper Creek near Lowgap off of SR89. Fished from sun-up (~6AM) till about 10:30AM and did not see any real hatch going on except some very tiny insects... some sort of midge pattern. The temperature started out in the high 40's low 50's and creeped up to the mid 60's by the time we left. I was on a 3wt 7'6" rod and my brother on a 4wt 8'. As expected the river was pretty fished out, and the fish that were left were holding up in the deeper pools and would be best characterized as acting like they were stocked 3 weeks after stocking; so in other words, just getting to be picky. I caught 3 brookies, and my brother 1 brook. ALL were approximately 10-12 inches and ALL were unusually obese looking. None were taken on a dry. Three of the four on wollybuggers sz12 and one on a gold bead head nymph... ears hair sz14.

    Cooper creek is a fairly narrow stream with very frequent deep pools and occassional areas that open up into wider areas. Water was not quite "gin" but was farily clear. Heavy red/brown coloration of bottom and close quarters most of the time with foliage; roll casting was in order for many parts of the river. We fished about 3/4's of a mile portion of the stream and it had signs of what I call "poaching" all a long the way. We saw only one car parked in the area we were located with three men suiting up with spinning rods. All in all a very beautiful stream but unfortunately not very productive as I had hoped.

    Session two was spent on the D.H. section on the Mitchell by Kapps Mill.

    Started out at noon and fished till about 4PM just north of Kapps mill rd and river rd. intersection all the way up just a little further past where the stream breaks off of river road...

    The stream was more productive overall but could have been moreso if the two of us were more willing to risk overflowing our waders... The Mitchell has some deep sections where you know the fish are holding but access is the toughest; these sections had nobody fishing them. Further down stream towards kapps mill the stream was pretty charactersitic of what you hear about this river... crowded. Daytime temp krept up to ~80 deg F.

    Caught 2 brookies, 2 brown, 1 bow; brother caught 2 brookies. None over 12". All were caught wet. Had a sz 16 zug bug with silver bead head pattern that caught most of the fish, and of course the rest on wolly bugger... Did not see any real hatch coming off, but the time of day was probably not quite close to late enough... we were hoping for a mayfly hatch which is so highly spoken of on the mitchell.

    Sorry i don't have pics, but hope the info is good. It can be pretty tough getting decent info at times on these forums.

    My one soap box frustration I have to say are all the people that are so eager to take fish from these rivers... I hope everyone realizes that our tax dollars are spent raising these fish in hatcheries for the enjoyment of catching them, not necessarily eating them... we should be giving EVERYONE a chance to take advantage of THEIR hard earned tax dollars too... I wish we'de stop being so selfish. Our natural resources are quickly dwindling and we're not helping the situation by robbing these natural environments of what was once a very important block in the food chain. Please consider releasing after you catch, someone might want to catch a fish too...

    Tight Lines,

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    Default Re: Surry County Trout!!

    Try going up the dirt road that turns off of River road. Follow it to the end then walk up the river a way. Trout waters extend 6/10 of a mile from the end of the road. There is better fishing here because it is not as accesible. There has been some logging in the area making the river dirty at times. I think the NCWC should make the Fisher river a DH stream. This might help. At one time the Ararat river in Mount Airy was DH but people kept fish anyway. Since I,m only 5 minutes away that is where I primarily fish. I do keep some fish twice a season. The rest of the time I release them. Saw a family on openeng weekend, man and 4 kids, had a stringer of over 25 trout. No game warden seen. Fished there twice last week and you can,t even catch a horney head. Some folks keep everything!

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    Default Re: Surry County Trout!!

    10-4 on the trout and welcome aboard

    tight lines <*)))))>{
    Friends, Fishing, Fellowship..RED X ANGLER

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    Default Re: Surry County Trout!!

    Great report & welcome to NC Angler!
    Check out my website: for information on fishing the Topsail area. Follow me on Facebook. - the LOCAL tackle shop for the online community!

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