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Our Website Guidelines

We started in January of 2005 with the idea of creating a respectful, family-friendly community of North Carolina Anglers from all across the Tar Heel state. In bringing thousands of folks together under real and assumed names on the Internet it is necessary to establish some guidelines related to what and how we relate in posts, threads, photo galleries, etc. on this website.

As noted on our homepage in "Our Angler Code", our goal at is to learn from those more experienced and share what we know with those who ask. This is a family friendly website that may be viewed by young children. Posting inappropriate images or using profanity will result in the edit or removal of the material and banning of the user that submitted it. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts in keeping with our family friendly policy. We also reserve the right to change usernames that might be offensive or commercial advertising. We are not motivated by "political correctness" but rather by manners, decency and social decorum.


Our Philosophy On Community Moderation

Behold a radical new concept: intelligent moderation - To my amazement, I've seen several forums undertake serious damage due to a lack of moderation. All it takes is one or two clowns to continuously post garbage, unchecked by either a lack of moderators or the presence of moderators who are too timid to do their job. After a very short while, this kind of nonsense drives away other members. That's where the damage occurs... the pollution makes people leave. And when people leave a community, it's no longer a cool place to be. It just dies. I certainly don't want that to happen here, so we've taken a bold step: We will moderate content. A special thank you to our Moderators who have tirelessly volunteered their time to assist me in moderating our forums. Their contribution of their time and the integrity of how they carry out this task is key to our success.

New Member Registrations and Moderation Policy - When a new member registers an account with us they are placed in a Newbie user group category and their first five posts are automatically placed in moderation. During this moderation process they have no access to Private Messages. Once five posts have been made and approved by our Moderators the member is moved into the Angler Member category. We do this to fight registration SPAM. Since implementing this registration system for new members we've had no SPAM problems in our online angler community. Please be patient with us on your first few posts. Moderators are volunteers and we are not online all the time so we'll approve the posts as quickly as possible, almost always the same day that they are posted. One caveat, of course is that posts must meet our family-friendly guidelines

No Free Advertising Policy - We do not allow free advertising on our website. Please don't register an account just to promote your product, service or fishing tournament. If your first posts are related to those items we consider it SPAM and it will almost certainly be deleted. We also do not allow links to Facebook pages, Youtube channels, etc. without a Captains Club or Sponsor membership. If you are interested in participating in our forums and have a product or service that our members could benefit from knowing about, or you want to promote your Youtube Channel or Facebook page, we have several ways that you can advertise with us as either Captains Club, Sponsor or Commercial Sponsor members. You can learn more about the Captains Club and Sponsor memberships thru the web-link on our homepage and Commercial Sponsors interested in purchasing a banner ad on our website can learn more about those opportunities here: Advertising Rates. We also want to recognize the members and Sponsors that support here: Please thank our Advertisers by doing business with them!

"Freedom of Speech" and how it affects this community - I'm a firm believer in our right to freedom of speech. You're free to post, reply and participate, but your rights end where ours begin. This community is our property, and as such, it is our right to control its content. The issue is not debatable; if you have a problem with the way that we run this community, then you are free to start your own elsewhere. Here, however, this topic is not open for discussion. That's the way it is; case closed. I like to describe as inviting folks over to our house. In our house you don't attack other guests, you don't curse and you are not disrespectful of others. If you can't act civilly and respectfully then we will ask you to leave. Think of this as quality control, and there won't be a problem. So welcome. Come in and enjoy your stay.

Respect your fellow members - I always welcome intelligent debates from opposing points of view, but I will not tolerate attacks upon someone's character, capabilities, or sensibilities. We can politely argue issues, we can debate the merits and demerits of the topic at hand, we can agree to disagree... but there will be no personal attacks allowed here.

The topics are Fishing and Marine Products - Please stay on topic! Our forum discussions will remain focused on fishing information, tackle and other fishing related topics, boat modifications and boating. Comments, statements, remarks, etc. about politics, race, sex, gender, lifestyle and other obviously sensitive topics are prohibited and will be removed without delay or explanation. You will notice that we have included a forum entitled "Faith and Fishing" with a sub-forum for "Prayer Requests". We will limit contributions to these forums to encouragement and the sharing of hope, kindness and caring for other members. We will not allow attacks on other faiths or persons of faith. As my mom used to say, "if you don't have anything good to say then don't say anything."

Please limit meta-discussions - Meta-discussions are comments and remarks, which add nothing of value to the conversation. Prime examples include boring and ubiquitous emotions of "LOL!" and extend into non-productive replies of the "me too" and "I agree." variety. The problem with this is that nothing of value is really added to the conversation -- it's just a waste of bandwidth with an increase of noise (and a lowering of signal). I've seen folks on other forums continuously post empty nonsense replies as a joke just to keep a thread going indefinitely. Please have something tangible to say, that's all we ask.

Cross-postings will be deleted - Cross-posting is starting identical or essentially similar threads in more than one forum. While cross-posting may seem a handy way to get quicker responses, in reality it fragments the discussion and makes life more difficult for everyone. Moderators will remove extra copies of the cross-posts; please save them the bother.

Please be as descriptive as you can with your thread or post title. This will better facilitate other members finding information related to your post. After all, what we are compiling here is a database of fishing information, techniques and tips,. We can make that database of information more accessible to each other if we can more easily search and find the information we're seeking. So if you create a thread about Striped Bass fishing on Jordan Lake, include that information in your title of the thread. Using a title like "what did you catch today" doesn't facilitate quickly finding information on Striper fishing on Jordan Lake. Get the idea? Also, please post your thread in the most appropriate forum. If it is boating related put it in the Boating forum. If it is related to Saltwater fishing put it in that forum. Finally on this point, please only post actual fishing reports in the Fishing Reports forum. Questions, etc. should go in the appropriate Saltwater, Freshwater, Kayak or Fly Fishing forums.

The following content will be removed or edited without delay or explanation (repeat offenders may be warned first and summarily banned if deemed necessary):

- Personal attacks, name calling, "flames", bickering and pointless arguments.
- Trolling posts fishing for flame bait. Wikipedia defines it this way: "An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an online community such as an online discussion forum or USENET, with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response
- Controversial subjects: Remarks addressing politics, race, sex, gender, lifestyle and other obviously sensitive topics that are deemed to be controversial.
- Profane, risque or vulgar language.
- Cross-posts. Pick the ONE most appropriate forum for your thread and post it there. All other copies will be removed. If you're not sure where your post belongs, put it in the General Fishing Topics forum, and we'll move it appropriately, leaving behind a re-directing link for a period of time.
- Spamming, commercial promotion, or advertising of goods and services. One-time consumer testimonials or legitimate, non-flaming complaints MIGHT not be removed if deemed to be constructive in nature and appropriate to the forum. Repeat threads promoting a business or product will be treated as a cross-post and will be removed. We have advertising opportunities for products or services and you can contact us about these options at [email protected] No free advertising will be allowed.
- Links or written references to other internet sites, information, or products that are incompatible with the values and purposes of, such as the controversial subjects mentioned above.
- No promotion of the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs or illegal activities of any kind are allowed in the forums. Doing so will be grounds for removing the poster from access to the forums. This includes asking questions about access to private property. That is trespassing! It is illegal and we don't like trespassers. Be an adult and only fish where you have the right and/or license to do so.
- Misbehavior of ANY sort that is clearly inappropriate among intelligent adults. This is a light-hearted, friendly community of fishermen and women. Let's keep it that way.

Now for the legal stuff... does not claim any ownership rights in any User Content that you choose to post to the Site. After posting User Content to the Site, you continue to retain all ownership or license rights in your User Content and you continue to have the right to use your User Content as you did prior to such posting. However, by posting or making User Content available through the Site or via the Services, you hereby grant to a nonexclusive, royalty-free, transferable, worldwide license to use, copy, modify, prepare derivative works from, distribute, publicly display and publicly perform (whether by means of a digital audio transmission or otherwise) and process your User Content, or any part of it, solely on and through the Site and Services, including without limitation (a) adapting the format of your User Content (for example by encoding or transcoding) for suitable display on the Site; and (b) displaying, in's sole discretion, your public User Content in search results generated by the search engine. In addition, where you have made your User Content public, posted a link to your User Content on another website or otherwise shared a link to your User Content, you grant to a nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide right to sublicense the right to copy, modify, prepare derivative works from, and distribute your User Content as necessary to perform the Services, including without limitation the services offered by Partner Sites. In connection with the above license, you provide your consent for personnel, including contractors and service providers, to view your User Content at any time for the purpose of providing the Services and filtering content that violates this Agreement. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all Content you submit to the Site or provide to the Service. You represent that you either own the User Content or have the rights necessary to grant this license.

Your license to with respect to any particular piece of User Content will terminate once you or remove it from the website. reserves the right to edit or remove any material posted to this site as deemed appropriate by our staff in keeping with our published family-friendly policies or at our discretion. We also reserve the right to ban or remove at any time and without warning any registered member that violates our policies and guidelines.

Basically all the legal stuff says that you must own the rights to material that you post on our site, you retain the ownership of material that you post here, by posting you give royalty-free use of the material and the right to modify or use it as we see fit, and that we have the right to remove, edit or modify any material posted to the site and/or to remove and/or ban any member that violates our policies.

Federal COPPA Laws regarding Children Under 13 years of age: Specific legal requirements related to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act preclude our website from allowing registration by anyone under 13 years of age. This does not mean that we are rating our site "PG-13". Again, our policy is that we are a family friendly site and all posts of text or images should reflect that posture and tone. We do however want to be a site that children and families are safe and comfortable viewing. I hope I have made our intentions clear regarding this policy. Please email any questions or concerns to my attention at [email protected]. At this time is not accepting any registrations by anyone under the age of 13 years old.

Although we try to read every post and view every photo that is uploaded at all times, it is possible that something may slip past us. We depend on you our members to assist us maintain our family friendly character. Should you find an objectionable post on our site there is a button that members can select to send an immediate message to our forum moderators and myself to alert us to the problem. It is the Report Post button located at the bottom of each post.
There is also a link under each photo in the 'Photos' section to report a problem with an image. Thank you for your assistance in making the online experience for our membership an enjoyable and safe one.

In summary.... The intent of these guidelines are to maintain a level of decorum in our forums that promotes a positive experience and sense of community. The world is a tough place. Let's make this a place of refuge, relaxation, information, recreation and fun for ourselves and our families. Follow these guidelines and I hope you will enjoy your experience! Thank you for participating.