Recipe: Favorite salmon dish?

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    Favorite salmon dish?

    My wife went fishing in the grocery-store freezer and caught a couple of salmon fillets -- anybody got a favorite recipe? Something that doesn't taste like sticks?

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    Lefty, I may have already shared this one with you but others may be interested ...

    Make a mixture of 2 parts Maple Syrup (the real thing, not some colored sugar water) and 1 part Maker's Mark. Add a few grinds of fresh ground pepper and some dill weed. Paint the salmon with this mixture and allow to marinate for a few mintues to several hours. Grill over indirect heat using some apple or alder wood chunks or chips for smoke.
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    Smoked salmon

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    Hmm, that cedar plank sounds a lot like a stick.

    Thanks for the suggestions, it sounds like that'll get me started!

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    Tell her to stop by the orient (it's on the ethnic food isle at the same grocery store) and pick up a bottle of Teriaki Marinade - soak the salmon in the marinade for 30-60 minutes then grill.....yummy and easy.

    Or she can go to Alaska (may need to go to a speciality store for this one) and get a cedar plank, coat the fish in your favorite spices (ground cumin, paparika, black pepper, etc), place on the plank and put on the grate in your grill on med high heat.

    Or just bake it like it is in a 400 degree oven, salmon has a lot of flavor and texture on it's own.
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