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Recipe: Old Drum Hatteras Style

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    Old Drum Hatteras Style

    This recipe is posted with the warning that it is a Historical Recipe and that today it is Illegal to kill old drum. However it would make a good meal for a group cookout when the puppy drum are co-operating. Easy enough to prepare outdoors in cool weather.

    (1) 15-20lb fillet of drum diced into 2" cubes
    24-30 redskin 'taters
    (1) Quart streaked lean in 1/4" cubes
    1/2 stick real butter
    1/2 oz sea salt
    Plenty of cornbread batter

    In a large pot (preferabally with a basket) boil taters w/ salt and butter
    Fry out streaked lean in a large skillet over med heat till crispy.While it is frying you can start dicing onions. Drain and reserve the meat and grease in seperate stoneware covered bowls.
    Wipe out skillett and fill w/ cornbread batter and put in oven.
    Check taters. If done drain and replace with drum cubes. Finish onions.
    The drum usually takes about 6-8 min. (longer if windy)when it flakes drain it .
    About time for cornbread to come out now.
    On each plate mash 2-3 taters and mash 3-4 cubes of drum, sprinkle with fatback and onions and drizzle about a tbl spoon of hot grease over top and serve w/ cornbread

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    To get an accurate measurement on the cornbread batter needed . fill skillet about 2/3rds full w/ water and pour into a measuring bowl. Now you have the volume of mix you need. Now do the same with your everday skillet and you should have a ratio something similar to 64oz/24oz or 64 divided by 24 = 2.67 That would be the number to multiply your ingredients from your normal recipe by. So if your everyday recipe calls for 1 cup you either mutiply 8 0z or 1 cup by 2.67 and you get 2 2/3 cups or 2.67.
    *TIP OF THE DAY* Round your multiplier up to the nearest whole number. In this case it would be 3 instead of 2.67. Just make sure you leave enough room for expansion when pour your batter in the pan. If your multiplier ends up with a .3 or less round it down to the nearest whole number if you don't want to deal with extra batter.

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