Posted as a fun fishing report (skunked, so had to use store-bought frozen fish in my stew-of-shame). Came out so good that its worth recording in the recipes section.

Can be completed in less than an hour, if you skip the fishing part.

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- arrange for a short evening window for fishing at Falls Lake to bring home 2-3 eating sized perch
- purchase half dozen fresh live minnows from Outhouse Tackle
- clumsily tip bucket while getting into kayak and lose all minnows
- paddle around for 2 hours and catch nothing on artificials
- avoid the rain until just about the time you reach the ramp, then get a dousing shower
- Go home in the dark, wet, smelly and fish-less, and continue recipe below with fish of shame

- Store bought frozen fish of shame. I used 1 pollock filet. Probably doesn't matter what kind of fish. Its the shame that counts!
- Store bought lobster bisque (Sams Club - 20oz tub I think)
- Store bought frozen shrimp (1 dozen medium)
- olive oil
- minced garlic - 1/2 tbsp
- onion thin sliced - 1/8c
- asparagus - 6 small spears, sliced into 1inch sections
- mushrooms - 3 whole, sliced
- bacon, cooked crispy - 4 strips (or more, to taste)
- Splash white wine (or splash-es, to taste)
- Splash lemon juice
- Butter

In small crock pot
- Get bisque simmering on high (I gave it a head start in the microwave)

In frying pan on medium-high heat,
- saute onions and garlic in olive oil until softened starting to darken
- add asparagus, saute 1 minute
- add mushrooms, saute 2 more minutes
- dump vegetables into crock with soup

- thaw shrimp in lukewarm water
- peel and cut shrimps into thirds
- pat dry and season to taste (pepper)
- saute shrimp in olive oil,
- add 2 slices bacon, crumbled
- splash white wine to deglaze the tasty bits
- when cooked through, dump shrimp & bacon into soup

- thaw fish in lukewarm water
- cut fish filet into small pieces
- pat dry and season to taste (salt, pepper, old bay)
- saute in olive oil, with a splash of lemon juice
- when cooked through, dump fish into soup

- add a pat or two of butter to soup mixture and allow to melt
- add however much cooked bacon is left (and however much you can get your hands on), or save to crumble on top of individual servings. Stir to mix.
- let stew as long as you can stand, sdepending on how late you got home without fresh fish. I gave it about 20 mins.

Ladle into bowl, serve with crumbled crackers on top. Makes 3-4 servings.

- Some of the idea came from the Tarheel Fly Flingers. I've been thinking about fish stew since Eddie told the story last year about sharing Fish Stew with Charlie Cobb.
- Some of the idea came from a 'Portuguese Fish Stew' recipe I found online.
- Everything else came from what was handy in my freezer & fridge.
- Results were downright edible! The longer it sits and simmers, the more it thickens and the better it gets.
- Might be better without the shame, using real, fresh caught fish. Can't prove it now. Evidence is gone!