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    venison marsala

    I know its not fish but you really should try this one if some buddy of yours gives you some deer he shot while you were fishin'!!

    May sound weird but trust me in montana we tried this on everything from deer to elk, bear and grouse and it was awsome everytime!

    serves fiveish

    deer meat (back strap if possible)
    olive oil
    4 cloves garlic
    1 small onion
    1/4 cup marsala wine
    1 pint heavy whipping cream
    1 carton sliced mushrooms

    pound meat with mallet 1/4" thick, salt and pepper meat place in fridge for later.

    in a saute' pan add 3 tbls oil heat and cook minced garlic & minced onion 5 min. on medhigh add mushrooms (and maybe a lil butter) and cook till mushrooms are tender.

    add marsala wine and cook until 1/2 the wine is gone, add cream and spices(oregano,basil,thyme? whatever you like) salt and pepper. reduce heat to MED.
    stir fairly often while you prepare meat.It should slowly get thicker as it cooks.

    in a deep fry pan heat about 1/2" of oil good and hot for fryin'

    pat down your pounded deer meat on both side real good with flour
    fry each turning once
    they cook nearly instantly so only give them about 3 min. per side MAX
    yhey should be about medium.3 or 4 steaks per plate and smother with marsala sauce and enjoy.

    hope you like it!!!

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    Default Re: venison marsala


    Hey wanted to let you know, tried the recipe and loved it! good stuff. Definately great on the tenderloins

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    Westslope, Thanks for the recipe, couldn't have come at a better time. Neighbor called last night to bring my cooler over for some venison. came home with around fifty pounds of fresh meat, will try your ideas after a couple days in the cooler.Al

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    the deer and grouper recipes sound awsome dave!!! now if i can just manage to have both fresh at the same time (I'm not big on buying fish when there right out there waiting to be caught) I'll be in culinary heaven. thanks again, and that truly was one helluva buck.

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    I think I just got drool all over my keyboard.......
    * Be responsible to the resource, not just obedient to the laws *
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    Default Wow, sounds great! I'll try it for sure!

    Hey thanx for that recipe, I'll definately try that!! Has all the right stuff I like in it for sure, sounds mouth watering!!

    Butcher called today to let me know the weight on the carcass, it weighted out at 99 lbs (no skin, legs, head.. etc..) so the official "guestimate" on the live weight is 200 lbs!! Between him and the smaller buck I shot,, I just might have to throw a bbq!!!

    Here's one way I like to cook butterflied backstraps is to cook up 5 strips of bacon, then take the steaks (seasoned overnight with McCormicks steak broil seasoning) and drop them in the bacon grease. Few minutes on each side and pink in the middle and their done. Serve up with stuffing and gravy and some snap'd beans and mash taters and it's a quick steak dinner.

    For surf and turf, I'll take one grouper fillet and cut it in 4 steak sections, season them with a little bit of lemon pepper and some sprinkled crab boil with pats of butter on top and thin lemon slices and chopped garlic, I'll put them all into a tin foil cocoon then place on the grill grate. For the steaks, .. back strap steaks (thick cut), I'll mix up some Worchester, a itty bit of Stubb's smoke seasoning (or use hickory wood chips) and steak broil with a little bit of brown sugar, mix it all and let the steaks marinate overnight. then pull them out when the grouper goes on the grill and let them sear.
    Pull off the steaks, then the grouper and serve up with yellow squash and some brown rice with some homemade biscuts and raspberry or strawberry jam....


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