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  1. NCangler

      My Observations on Snakes

    Submitted by member animaljosh

    I have had loads of free time as of late and have been checking out past threads here in the hope of making the days pass faster. I’ve had lots of giggles and gained a lot of insight. There is one subject here that I feel needs some clarification. That subject is reptiles…..specifically snakes (alligators are a close second…) I am going to take this opportunity to try and shed some light on an obviously misunderstood subject. I know it’s hard to “teach old... [Read More]
    Author:: NCangler member animaljosh
  2. luremaker

      Post Making custom freshwater baits

    As my handle (Luremaker) goes, I make custom freshwater spinner baits, buzz baits, bass jigs, and have my own store line of soft plastics and crankbaits.

    The make up of a spinner bait consists of basically three parts:
    1. the body or head
    2. the blade or blades
    3. skirt

    Now here is where the fun comes (as I call it) or the confusion, the matching of blades to the heads. There is the Colorado, Willow, Indiana, Tomahawk and the Deep Cup Colorado. The Colorado... [Read More]
    Author:: "Lew" Lew's Rod & Reel

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