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      Post Cleopatra Subject Of First Fish Story - History of Fishing

    Cleopatra Subject Of First Fish Story

    This is going to be a short piece this week because I'm going fishing. I've been too long away from the wily trout, and my equipment needs looking after.

    I always wonder, at times like these, why I don't spend more time with the hook and line. A minister once told me that fishing time is free time. Though the Good Book tells us our days are numbered as are the hairs on our head, my pastor gave it as his considered opinion that the Lord did not coun... [Read More]
    Author:: Lindsey Williams
  2. NCangler

      Post Catch and Release Fishing

    Many of us can remember going fishing as youths and coming home with the “big” catch of the day. Frying up one’s catch and enjoying a good meal was a great end to a perfect day of fishing. While it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy one’s catch for dinner, fishing itself has changed in the last two decades. Catch and release is now a widely used method and it is not any more difficult than catch and keep. If you are wondering just how to go about switching to catch and release fishing, here are... [Read More]
    Author:: Dean Carl
  3. NCangler

      Post Catch and Release Fishing - Ensuring Fish For Our Future

    Know the proper technique for catch and release fishing. Keep those big ones healthy and strong. Your kids and grandkids will thank you!

    There is nothing more enjoyable in this world than a great day on the water. If conditions are perfect and the fish are active things don’t get much better. Well, maybe catching big fish can add a level of excitement that is hard to match.

    Fish populations across North America are, in general, suffering. Stocking efforts and recovery programs are happenin... [Read More]
    Author:: Craig Fiske
  4. NCangler

      Creating Better Fishing Photos

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not capture the fishing trip of a lifetime or that trophy catch on film?* Here’s how to assure that your “fish tales” are fully documented and fishing memories always close at hand.

    • Be prepared. Have camera, film, flash and batteries with you at all times.
    • Make sure that your fishing buddy knows how to use the camera, too. Practice on shore before you land the big one!
    • Always use a flash to eliminate shadows and intensify colour and
    ... [Read More]

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