Do you really need fly fishing waders?

You already have your fly rod, your line, reel, and lures… do you really need any other fly fishing gear? Do you really need fly fishing waders? If you only fish in warm climates or during the summer, you may very well want to avoid investing in a pair of fly fishing waders. You may, instead, decide to get a pair of felt-bottomed sandals or boots, and then simply tolerate the refreshing chill of the water.

If, however, you tend to do most of your fly fishing in colder water or you simply do not want to get wet, then it can be worth buying a good pair of fly fishing waders. Of course, before you go out and buy a pair of fly fishing waders, note that it is better to not wade at all. Yes, it is sometimes necessary to get to certain good spots. But, overall, wading can destroy aquatic life that an important part of the diet of the very trout that you are trying to catch.

Getting the boot? Or putting a sock in it?

You must decide between bootfoot waders and stockingfoot fly fishing waders. The benefit of bootfoot waders is that the boot is built right into the waders, and you therefore will not have to go out and buy a separate set of river wading shoes. Stockingfoot fly fishing waders, on the other hand, do require a separate boot to go along with them. The benefit of these waders is that you have much more flexibility in the types of waders that you wear with different types of shoes and vice versa. Also, they can be turned inside out to dry.

Goldilocks and the three styles of fly fishing waders.

There are three common lengths of fly fishing waders. There are chest waders, waist waders, and hip waders. Goldilocks may try on a pair of Chest waders and decide that they are just to high and hard to get on and off. Although, they are great for wading into deeper waters. Then Goldilocks may try on a pair of hip waders. For her, although these fly fishing waders are easy to get on and off and are very comfortable, she wants to move into slightly less shallow water. When Goldilocks finally tries on waist waders, she realizes that they are just right.

A material matter.

One more consideration for buying fly fishing waders is “which material.” Neoprene is an excellent material waterproof material that is especially nice for colder waters. Of course, the problem with neoprene is that it is not very breathable. Breathable fly fishing waders are becoming more and more popular, made from high-tech materials like Gore-Tex. Such fabrics keep the water out, but allow your sw

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