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  1. NCangler

      Post Top Water Fishing for Bass

    Top Water fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass is my passion! Its great fun and exciting to watch the bait getting annihilated right before my eyes!

    Unlike other Bass fishing techniques, top water fishing is in a ‘league' of its own. It is all sight and sound. Taking your eyes off your bait could mean a lost fish. Don't worry; the sound of the water exploding when the Bass engulfs the bait will wake you, pronto!

    In my opinion, top water Bass fishing requires two basic rod techniques... [Read More]
    Author:: Nic Di Gravio
  2. NCangler

      Post Top 10 Things To Stock Your Fishing Vest With

    If you're anything like me, you where a fishing vest to carry all of your fishing gear. If you do any walking during your fishing trip, a tackle box just doesn't cut it. So you need to wear a fishing vest. You can find them at any decent sporting goods store or of course on the internet. I believe this idea began with fly fishermen (or flea flickers as my mentor used to refer to them), but I'm not positive about that. In any case, it's a very convenient idea, and if flea flickers are the... [Read More]
    Author:: Trevor Kugler
  3. NCangler

      Post The "Goofiest" Of All Fishing Trips

    There are a lot of places in this world where one can go to find solace, peace and tranquility while wetting a line for fish.

    Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is not the first place that comes to mind.

    Nonetheless, right there beneath the shadow of the Magic Kingdom, amongst wide-eyed roller coaster riders, a stones throw from Tinkerbell's safety harness, exists one of the prime Largemouth Bass fishing waters you will find anywhere.

    Remote? No.

    Pristine? Hardly.

    Filled with hu... [Read More]
    Author:: A. J. Klott
  4. NCangler

      Post Trophy Quad-Four Keys to Success from a Hall of Fame Angler

    1) Spend All Of Your Time On Big Fish Water. Contrary to what you might have first believed, not all lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are created equal. Some are big, some are small, Some are deep, some are shallow. Some have crystal clear waters, some are deeply stained. But more importantly than all of these physical traits, some waters simply contain more big fish. They have a superior set of environmental conditions that ultimately produce above average sized fish on a regular basis. These... [Read More]
    Author:: Joe Bucher

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