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  1. NCangler

      Post Crappie Season Is Here!

    Itís February and cabin fever is at its peak. The snow seems to be gone for good and with warm sunny days teasing you into thinking its time, the tackle box finally receives a little attention. You sort and organize the jigs and sinkers, bobbers and hooks. Line gets replaced on all the reels and the smell of spray lube drifts through the house. Ahhhh, the smells of springtime, dandelions and dogwoods mixed with WD-40 and salted grubs.

    Those warm sunny days will trick the most seasoned Crappie... [Read More]
    Author:: Ken_Mcbroom
  2. NCangler

      Post Crawfish and Their Behavior

    The imitation soft plastic crawfish or hard plastic crawfish crankbait can be one of the most powerful baits you can throw, depending on the time of the year and how itís presented. Many anglers today use these imitations and do not really understand why they are using them and quite possibly how to use them properly. Imitations come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors. We will take a look at the selection process and determine when the best time to throw imitations would be as well as... [Read More]
    Author:: G._Wayne_Byrd
  3. NCangler

      Post Carp Fishing

    An ancient way of survival turned hobby, fishing, is cherished by many for its relaxing, natural setup. But if you think fishing is all about throwing the line in the water and oozing down in your fold-up chair while getting a tan, think again. Sometimes fishing is hard work! Especially carp fishing. Read on and youíll find out whyÖ

    You donít have to be an extremely experienced fisherman to recognize this scenario: you prepare for a fruitful day of carp fishing, thinking you got the right bai... [Read More]
    Author:: Chris_Braithwaite
  4. NCangler

      Post Can Bass See Color?

    This is a topic that comes up many times when discussing bass lures, and the proper colors to use. Biologists know that bass can see colors, and they probably can see red and green better than a human. Bass also have better visual acuity, which helps them during daylight and the darker periods of the day near dusk. Although there has been much written about how bass use their lateral line and sense of smell when feeding, their eyes are still their most vital sensory organ.

    LURE COLOR AND WATE... [Read More]
    Author:: Steve von Brandt
  5. NCangler

      Post Catching Bass In Cold Water

    Catching Bass In Cold Water
    By Charles White

    When I talk cold water, I am talking about water 50 degress or less. The bass don't quit eating at this temperature but one thing is for sure, they slow down. As the water temps fall so is the chance that a bass will chase a bait for a meal.

    When the water temperature gets in the 40's, your bait has to be right in front of the bass and they have to almost be forced fed just to get them to take the bait. This is when you might want to put those
    ... [Read More]
    Author:: Charles E. White

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