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      Post Maximizing Catfish and Carp Baits - Simulating Ingredients

    Do you have a problem with your present fishing bait or recipe? Some catfish and carp baits are very limited in their attraction and catch results, due to their high proportion of insoluble ingredients. It is in fact, the soluble proportion which truly stimulates the fish most effectively into eating your bait and getting hooked!

    For example, you may have a very basic homemade bait which catches a few fish, perhaps a chicken meal based bait with added garlic and honey, bound together by semo... [Read More]
    Author:: Tim Richardson
  2. NCangler

      Post More of the World's Best Fishing Baits You Can Get for Free

    More of the World's Best Fishing Baits You Can Get for Free
    By Larry M. Lynch

    In the article, “How to Get the World’s Best Fishing Baits for Free”, I mentioned that there were essentially three ways to catch fish:

    • Use live, natural baits

    • Use imitation or artificial baits and lures

    • Use hardware such as traps, nets, etc.

    One of the most efficient and productive of these three methods is to use live, natural baits. Live, natural baits are proven to be highly effective when acq
    ... [Read More]
    Author:: Larry M. Lynch

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