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  1. NCangler

      Thumbs up Using Water Bugz Planer Boards - Freshwater Reservoir Tactics

    Using Water Bugz Planer Boards - Freshwater Reservoir Tactics
    by Jeff Tomlin

    This technique works best for live bait and can be modified depending on how fast you troll. I use a Minnkota power drive unit and typically run between speed #3-#5, or for others it is just a slow troll just enough to keep your baits off the bottom. The technique will keep your bait near the bottom of the water column and the stripers that are in less than 30` of water are usually close to that bottom.
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    Author:: Jeff Tomlin
  2. NCangler

      Post Up the Creek: Float Tubes for Fishermen

    For the fisherman who is unfamiliar with them, float tubes are basically very fancy tire tubes with a seat and a load of storage pockets. You sit down in the seat and maneuver around by kicking your feet with special fins. Your body is normally halfway submerged in the water, but that will depend on what style of float tube you purchase. Here in Canada where I do my fly fishing the water can be down right chilly, so neoprene chest waders are a good idea. Since you are partially submerged in the... [Read More]
    Author:: Andy Klynstra

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