1. Upon the arrival of your new cast net, inspect your cast net in detail for any possible defects such as small holes etc.
  2. Soak your net for 12-24 hrs. in a 3-5 gallon bucket using 1 cup liquid fabric softer such as the blue Downy. You'll want to put the net upside down with your horn going in first then the weights of your net on top of your entire net, this will keep your netting material submerged for better soaking. This method softens the cast net material and eliminates any stiffness that may occur during shipment and tight packing.
  3. Rinse your cast nets with fresh water and hang until your entire net is completely dry, do not use any soap, detergents or chemicals to clean your cast nets.
  4. For your drying period, drape your net over something or hang it up slightly but "do not" hang the net up completely so that the weights leave the ground. This stretches the net too much by making the knots on the net too tight and also puts too much pressure on the stress points of your net.
  5. Never store your net wet, when moisture and fish slime mix together for any length of time, ammonia settles in and you'll be amazed at how quickly your cast net will disintegrate if you store your bucket unrinsed and wet. Storing your cast nets in a cool, dry environment is best and eliminate long exposure time to the sun, the sun will dry out your net and make it brittle over time.
  6. Avoid throwing your net over rocks, tree limbs etc. this will cause tears and limit the life of your casting net.
  7. After several uses of your cast net, it is best to repeat the fabric softener soaking period to maintain a soft and limp net, this is also great for your net by keeping it from dry rotting similar to that of an old tire. Keeping it dry in a cool place and soaking it every few months will help preserve your net for many years of use.
  8. Go Fishing!