Author: Brent aka "Sundrop"

I have to admit. My skills with Bait casters are yet to develop so I will be brief and allow the comments from more experienced to fill in the gaps!
Bait casters look like a spool of line with a handle on the side. They are known for causing troublesome tangles in inexperienced hands called “Backlashes”. A backlash is caused by the spool spinning faster on a cast than the line is leaving the rod. Cast speed and tension is controlled by a combination of and adjustable drag which can use washers or magnetics and the application of the thumb directly to the spool of line (yes, this can actually be painful from the heat generated by the spool and you have to get used to doing it, a well callused thumb helps a lot!)
When mastered they are the smoothest and farthest casting of all reel designs and because of their simple design they can come in so many sizes they can hold hundreds, and for Big Game reels, thousands of yards of line so they are great for fighting big fish!
Another feature you have to choose from when purchasing bait casters are the type of spool retrieve Level wind: Which uses a guide that moves back and forth along a worm gear and guides the line evenly back on the spool. OR Conventional: You have to manually manipulate the line from side to side with your thumb on retrieve to get an even spool.
Now you would automatically think “Why not a level wind, it’s easier!!” But the level wind has the line passing through a guide that moves back and forth on a worm gear. This guide applies friction to the line and shortens the cast. It also can only move so fast because it is on a worm gear. So if you hook a large fish that can run fast, they can actually put enough pressure on the guide to snap the line!!! Kingfish are known for this!
If you want to try a bait caster, do your homework before you buy and keep one very important thing in mind.
Of all the various styles of reels available, most especially in this class of reel… YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! An inexpensive bait caster will give you a BAD taste for these reels because of poor function and repeated backlashes.

BACKLASHES Now what do I do!!!!

If you get a backlash, don’t start yanking the line trying to snatch it out, it only draws it tighter. Slowly pick at all of the various tangles while you let the spool turn backwards a bit. You can feel your way through it if you’re patient and untangle the line. In some cases you can’t get it out, so you have to cut the line off of the spool and respool with new line. You can even buy a “pick” to help pull away the tangles. Patience really is the key. When you get the tangle out chances are you will have a lot of loose line laying around your feet so be sure to let it slide between your fingers as you reel it in to keep light pressure on the line and watch for knots/tangles.

That’s about it for what I know!!!! Now we can quit all the jabber and get down to rigging to catch fish!!!!!!!!!

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