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  1. NCangler

      ICAST 2008 – Sportfishing Product Manufacturers Miss The Mark?

    malibuX July 16th through the 18th the American Sportfishing Association held its annual ICAST sportfishing trade show. The show was sold out for the seventh straight year. ICAST was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This show is where the “Who's-Who” of the global sportfishing industry gather to show their fishing products. All the big companies were there, Pure Fishing, Johnson Outdoors, Shimano, Rapala, Pinnacle Fishing, and Daiwa just to name a few. There were so many sunglass brands that... [Read More]
    Author:: Robert at DriGrip
  2. PT Yakker

      Post Exercises for Kayak Fishermen to Alleviate Back Pain

    I noticed on my few trips out on my kayak that I ended up getting some aches and pains setting up after a few hours on the water. As a PT (Physical Therapist) I thought I might be able to provide some tips to fellow kayakers on ways to prevent some of the aches and pains that may set in while kayak fishing.

    Many of you are doing some types of stretching or moving around to limit your own aches and pains already, or you have upgraded your seating systems with improved back supports.
    Long t... [Read More]
    Author:: Chris….PT Yakker
  3. NCangler

      Post Kayak Fishing

    Gone are the days when most fishing sports and activities require boats; though there are still some who prefer the traditional boating experience, many have switched to the use of kayaks. Bringing your fishing experience to new and diverse levels, kayak fishing will enable you to reach certain environs that would have been impossible with large boats. You can even paddle into shallow waters such as flats.

    Kayak fishing has gained worldwide popularity; especially for those who like the sereni... [Read More]
    Author:: Marcus Peterson
  4. NCangler

      Post Kayak Fishing: Get To Where the Fish Are

    Kayak Fishing: Get To Where the Fish Are
    By Scott Hamilton

    "I keep my eyes clear and I hit 'em where they ain't." This was baseball’s Willie Keeler's famous explanation for his .432 average in 1897. This applies well for baseball, but not fishing. To be successful, you need to be able to get where the fish are, not be “where they ain’t” and a great way to accomplish this to use a kayak.

    As a child, I sat on the bank of many a river and many a small lake with my grandpa trying to catch
    ... [Read More]
    Author:: Scott Hamilton

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