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    Gone are the days when most fishing sports and activities require boats; though there are still some who prefer the traditional boating experience, many have switched to the use of kayaks. Bringing your fishing experience to new and diverse levels, kayak fishing will enable you to reach certain environs that would have been impossible with large boats. You can even paddle into shallow waters such as flats.

    Kayak fishing has gained worldwide popularity; especially for those who like the serenity of their fishing spots and who want to be away from the crowded fishing areas. Basically, this fishing sport employs the use of an inflatable fishing vessel known as fishing kayak. This vessel offers convenience, as you can set it up within just few minutes. It allows you to quickly paddle to the spots where there are great fishing resources.

    When you purchase a kayak, obtain as much information as possible. It is better that you know everything you want to before deciding what kayak to buy. Ask experts about the body type, dimensions, etc., of a specific kayak you have in mind. You can also register and join an online forum about kayaking and post your questions; some experts or other enthusiasts may just be able to answer your questions.

    Decide based on what specific variety of fish you intend to go after. You will find the right kayak, if you keep the fish in mind; you can choose the right length, width, etc. You also need to consider the water where you intend to fish; thus, you can choose the right thickness and composition.

    Find a kayak that is specifically made for fishing. An example of a kayak meant specifically for fishing is a “sit-on-top” type; it is a surfboard-like kayak with modifications to suit your fishing needs. This may include drainage holes to allow water to channel away from your kayak. They are also basically lighter and shorter to give you an advantage in maneuverability. You should ask about your chosen kayak equipment dealers about these kinds of kayaks.

    Be resourceful and try reading and browsing as much as possible so that you can find the most appropriate kayak for your fishing needs and destinations.

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    I have to agree that a kayak designed for fishing is the best. Deciding to take up kayak fishing after already investing in a "sit in"enclosed kayak has had its challenges for me. Thankfully I have a half skirt, that has a pouch that allows me to keep a small amount of lures handy. My kayak has several bungee cords on it which works well for holding my rod and reel and my needle nose pliers. Because it was difficult to utilize a standard rod and reel set up I invested in a HT ice fishing rod, only 34" in length but a quality rod. This allows me to bring the fish right up where I can get to them without having to hang my fishing pole off the back of the kayak. I know there are rod holders and other items available that can be "add ons" to standard kayaks and that is something I may look into in the future but for now this seems to be working just fine, since I only do catch and release anyway I have no need for a storage area. So if you already are a kayaker and want to get into kayak fishing don't think you have to get another kayak designed for fishing to get started you can modify the one you have.